Is there a PacSun in the UK or London? (2024)

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Okay, wannabe surfer kids, be honest – is there anything better than  PacSun for some serious mall nostalgia?

If you’re wondering if there is a PacSun in the UK, a PacSun in London, or a PacSun in England, then I’m here to help answer your questions and figure out how to get this surf and sand clothing shop to you.


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So, without further ado,

“Is there a PacSun in the UK or England or London?”

Unfortunately, no.

There is no PacSun in the UK or England or London (just like there’s no Hot Topic in the UK), but I’ve figured out the equivalent to PacSun in the UK (as best as I can).

You can still get your pooka shell necklaces somewhere in the world, don’t worry.

Before we all start talking about our 90s childhoods, let’s chat about some of the amazing resources I have for you to help you either plan your trip to London or the UK or to navigate expat life in the UK as an expat.

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I also want to give you some other resources that I’ve lovingly put together to help you have the best trip possible.

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If you’re thinking about or planning on being an American expat in the UK, I’ve got the full story of how I did it below, as well as some helpful advice on how to make friends in the UK – it is a bit harder than in America due to some cultural differences, but it can be done!

Right, now that you’re sorted with those resources, let’s jump into PacSun in the UK.

History of PacSun in the UK

PacSun was opened in 1982 in the US, spurred on by a small surf shop in California.

It was founded by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore, and they’ve always provided both men and women’s clothing that includes things like shirts, shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, bathing suits, cover-ups, and more.

At its peak, PacSun had over 1,000 stores across the USA and was a real cultural phenomenon, even for people who weren’t surfers or beachgoers. It was a clothing brand and a status symbol more than anything.

PacSun also sold skate and streetwear to appeal to a wider, mostly teenage, audience.

Throughout its history, PacSun has gone into bankruptcy multiple times, and in 2018, they merged with Eddie Bauer.

Despite its success in the US, PacSun has never made it to the UK.

Equivalent to PacSun in the UK

So you can’t get PacSun stores in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your surfer style.

You also can’t find a Target in the UK, Walmart in the UK, or Kohl’s in the UK, but don’t let that stop you!

PacSun Online

Okay, so PacSun isn’t in the UK, but you can still order online and have it delivered internationally.

Camden Market

If you’re in London, I would suggest Camden Market as a way of finding alternative clothing that has some of that same edge and lifestyle attached to it like PacSun does.

Browse the stalls, enjoy the fashion-forward clothes of all kinds, and enjoy the grunge-inspired shoe shops with lots of footwear available.

Read more in my full guide comparing UK and US stores and restaurants.

Want to know more about US stores in the UK? Check this list out!

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