Is there a Dillards in London or the UK?

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Dillard’s is such an essential part of many malls in the American south that I grew up not realizing it wasn’t an option in every state or even around the world, so I totally get why you’re wondering, “Is there a Dillard’s in London or the UK?”

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This department store, while slightly old fashioned nowadays, is where I got my dress for the 8th grade dance and let me tell you – it may not have been the most beautiful thing to ever grace the runway (in fact, it was a weird shade of turquoise with LOTS of sparkle), but it was on a discount and that’s why we love Dillard’s!


Anyway, if you’re wondering…

“Is there a Dillard’s in the UK or England or London?”

The answer is no. There isn’t a Dillard’s in the UK, however there are other department store options which I’ll discuss.

Before we get too deep into Dillard’s or why there isn’t a Dillard’s in the UK, there are a couple of things I need to share with you given that you’re either planning a trip to the UK or live there.

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Anyway, moving along to Dillard’s in the UK

History of Dillard’s

Dillard’s was founded in 1939 by William Dillard (hence the name), and over the years it has expanded across the US to over 20 states and almost 300 locations.

Dillard’s is more prevalent in certain states such as Florida and Texas, and you won’t find it in the Northeast or most of the Upper Midwest.

To this day, Dillard’s headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas, and its main stores are in suburban shopping malls.

Some of the last new stores opened were in 2008 in Florida (Floridians love a Dillard’s!) and one in Texas in 2010. This can be attributed to the decline in suburban malls in general and the rise of online shopping.

Despite this, Dillard’s is still going strong and shoppers are delighting in its offerings including clothes for men, women, and children as well as shoes and homegoods.

Equivalent to Dillard’s in the UK

There aren’t any Dillard’s in the UK, but the closest thing to Dillard’s in the UK is probably a Matalan or Debenham’s, both described below. Dillard’s also does international shipping, but I wouldn’t pay the price to have something shipped to the UK as it’s likely you can find a close enough item in the UK.

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Debenhams is a department store in the UK that I would say resembles a Dillard’s.

It’s a bit more upmarket, but it sells clothes, shoes, homewares and other accessories just like Dillard’s. You can find them in malls across the UK, as well as some stand alone ones.


I would say that Matalan is on the same “level” as Dillard’s in terms of luxury.


It’s not the most luxurious store, but it’s definitely down-to-earth and has what you need.

You can find Matalans across the UK, though I mostly see them as individual stores rather than parts of larger shopping complexes.

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