"One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things."

- Henry Miller

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Disney-Obsessed, Travel-Lover, Ice Cream Junkie

Welcome to my little corner of the world. Currently I'm an Orlando girl living in a London world, sharing my life as an American expat in the UK and my love for all things travel and Disney World. I'm a big believer in creating the life you want for yourself, eating pizza no matter the occasion, and using travel to boost your confidence. Get in touch to ask me anything you want about travel, expat life, Mickey Mouse, or the one time I got stranded in Bermuda.


by Kalyn Franke

How to Get Upgraded at a Disney World Resort

Getting upgraded in a Disney World hotel is always the dream. And while this post is about how to get upgraded at Disney World resorts, I do want to stress that it should never be expected.

by Kalyn Franke

17 Things to See in Vienna for Free

Vienna is known for being many things, including being a city of music, the city of dreams (due to Sigmund Freud’s life here), and a city of culture with a very high quality of life.

by Kalyn Franke

How to Move to the UK from America

I've talked about my journey of moving to London from America before, but I remember months and months of desperately googling things like "how to move to the UK from America" and "how to move to London as an American."

by Kalyn Franke

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Northern Ireland

For the uninitiated and my fellow Americans who collectively lack any sort of understanding of the breakdown of the UK (it's not our fault, I can hardly place Ohio on the map as it is), Northern Ireland is situated north (surprising, I know) of the Republic of Ireland.

Culture Shock
by Kalyn Franke

Overcoming Culture Shock as an Expat

Whether you’re an expat, a study abroad student, or the occasional traveler, culture shock is not a foreign concept.

Rides for Adults
by Kalyn Franke

Best Rides for Adults at Magic Kingdom

If you’re on an adults-only vacation to Disney World, or if you’ve just left the kids with a babysitter so you can go explore the parks on your own (we won’t judge), you’re going to want to know the bets rides at Magic Kingdom for adults.

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