Is there a Banana Republic in London or the UK? (2024)

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Whether you’re hoping to dress up for work or just buy an outfit that screams “I have my life together” rather than “I threw this on last minute,” Banana Republic has become many people’s go-to for professional clothing.

If you’re wondering if there’s a Banana Republic in the UK or London, it’s probably because you are hoping to find something that looks business casual or business business.


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So I’m here to help answer the question..

“Is there a Banana Republic in the UK or England or London?”

Unfortunately, no.

There are no Banana Republics in London or the UK or England, though there used to be – which I’ll get into more in a bit.

I’ll also talk about some alternatives to Banana Republic in the UK so you can still find your workwear with ease.

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Okay, now that we’re all set with that, let’s chat about Banana Republic in the UK.

History of Banana Republic in the UK

Banana Republic started as an American company in 1978, founded by Mel and Patricia Ziegler.

The first stores were in Northern California, and then GAP bought out the brand in 1983 and turned it into their luxury clothing brand.

By Alexcaban at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Throughout the years Banana Republic has opened over 600 locations around the world and is now headquarted in California.

They have also opened in Canada, Tokyo, South Korea and more.

In fact, Banana Republic did come to the UK previously.

In 2008, it opened a giant store on Regent’s Street in London and then proceeded to open up 8 other stores across the UK.

Unfortunately, Banana Republic closed in the UK in 2016 with the last store being closed.

What happened?

Bad timing, for one thing. Banana Republic came to the UK during a shift in retail patterns which meant people wanted to shop at lower cost stores, first of all.

By Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine – Own work, CC0,

They were also competing with stores like Zara, who gave Brits fashion-forward work options that were more in line with British style.

It couldn’t shake its old-fashioned image or deal with the fact that consumers wanted lower prices and to shop online, so the brand pulled out of the UK and currently there are no Banana Republics in the UK nor signs that they will come again.

Equivalent to Banana Republic in the UK

So you can’t go to Banana Republic in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some equivalents to Banana Republic in England that will help you get your workwear shopping done.

Here are some of my favorite alternatives to Banana Republic in the UK.


If you want something fashion-forward that keeps on the edge of British fashion, Topshop is for you.

They have both a Topshop Men’s and Topshop Kid’s sections as well, so it’s not just for workwear but rather clothes for the whole family.

You can find some nice pieces here that would be appropriate in a work environment (with a little layering!) and it is a real pillar of many British high streets.


One of Banana Republic’s biggest rivals in the UK was Zara.

Their headquarters are in Spain and they are originally a Spanish company, but they have made a huge splash in the UK are are known as a great place to go for workwear and appeal to the same kind of clients as Banana Republic.

By nl:User:EuroJohn / en:User:EuroJohn – Transfered from nl.Wikipedia; nl:Bestand:Zara-salesdesk.jpg, Public Domain,

It’s not cheap, but it’s not so overpriced that it is too luxury for many professional workers to afford it.

Shop Online

You can still shop online for Banana Republic outfits and have them shipped to the UK, which is always an option if you’re a big Banana Republic fan and know your size and are happy to have things sent to you without trying them on.

Read more in my full guide comparing UK and US stores and restaurants.

Want to know more about US stores in the UK? Check this list out!

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  1. I’m sorry but there is absolutely no way that Top Shop is anything like BR!!! It’s like comparing chalk & cheese. Different age groups, pricing, quality!!!

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