Is there a Target in London or the UK? (2019)

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Hello, Target loving people!

You are probably here because you googled the inevitable question every self-respecting American coming to London googles….you also are probably really into the “Target is My Happy Place” shirt and desperately want it for Christmas (HINT HINT TO MY FAMILY!)

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“Is there a Target in London?”

And the answer is, sadly, no. There’s no Target in London or the UK!

…and click here to find out if there is a Walmart in the UK and here to see if there is a Wendy’s in the UK!


This is a bit of a shame as where else can you buy an Instant Pot (HIGHLY RECOMMEND, BY THE WAY) just a few aisles down from the Dinosaur Onesies?

We’ll get more into the types of stores in the UK in a minute, but if you’re coming to the UK (whether as a visitor or to stay), you’ll want to check out these related posts.

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Anyway, as much as I would absolutely love a Target in the UK, it has not made its way over.

Actually, one of my main complaints about the UK is that you can’t go to Target, because I have a love affair with its homewares and regularly spend time browsing the aisles for no particular reason when I’m home.

I even used to work at Target for a brief period of time after my senior year of high school and made great use of the 10% discount.

Actually, ‘big box stores’ as we call them were not always very popular in the UK.

The idea that you should be able to walk into a store and buy a bathing suit, two packages of bacon, a garden hose and your prescription medication is a very American one.

Here, you will often need to go to a specialty store depending on what you’re buying.

I also thought it would be fun to put together a list of stores and restaurants that the UK lacks, as well as ones you may be surprised to know that also exist here across the pond!

I even wrote a guide on British supermarkets for Americans to help you find your way.


Fast Food

The UK has…

-Burger King
-Dunkin Donuts

The UK doesn’t have…


Other restaurants

The UK has…

-Five Guy’s
-TGI Friday’s
-Pizza Hut

The UK doesn’t have…

-Olive Garden
-Outback Steakhouse
-Panera Bread

‘Big Box Shopping’

The UK has…

-QVC shopping
-Amazon (check out discounted deals here)

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The UK doesn’t have…

-Home Depot or Lowes (instead it has Halfords or B&Q)
-Target (instead it has Walmart-owned Asda)
-Bed, Bath, and Beyond

In addition, none of the grocery stores we have in America are over here (and they don’t have grocery stores anyway, they’re called supermarkets!). And instead of CVS or Walgreens or Rite Aid, we have our own equivalent, Boots!

Got a question on what other stores we may or may not have here in the UK? Ask me below or email me at


Coming to London Soon?

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Afternoon Tea Cruise on River Thames: Oh so you’ve come to London looking for tea? Lucky for you theres literally MILLIONS of options to choose from… it can actually get overwhelming. So I made it easy for you and found one of the best teas in town, complete with the best setting as well!

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Andrea McKnight

1 year ago

Help!! My daughter will be going to school at Goldsmith’s university of London and I have no idea where to help her buy the items for her studio apartment. We will not be able to bring anything but clothes, shoes, toiletries and makeup. Where should we shop for bedding, towels, etc.. Target is one of our favorite shopping places. Thanks!!


1 year ago

Hi Andrea! Not to worry! the best place to get things like that here is probably Primark on Oxford Street (they sell clothes but also bedding and towels) OR a lot of people just use Amazon UK to order things to the dorms. 🙂


7 months ago

Very useful article. Thank you and best wishes to you in the UK!


7 months ago

Thanks, Shifa! I am glad it was helpful!


2 months ago

Actually, we don’t really have proper Dunkin Donuts over here. There are no cake-style donuts at the few outlets there are in London, only the fried kind! Very tough if you’re from Boston, and missing your plain or cinnamon-dusted donuts.


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