Is there a Bed Bath and Beyond in the UK or London? (2024)

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Hello, college students trying to outfit their dorm rooms or other Bed Bath and Beyond lovers!

You’re here because you’re thinking to yourself… “Is there a Bed Bath and Beyond in the UK?” or “Is there a Bed Bath and Beyond in London?”


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I know how enticing their 20 percent off coupons are and how fun it is to wander around looking at household products you don’t need, but unfortunately the answer to…

Is there a Bed Bath and Beyond in London or the UK?

is no.

There’s no Bed Bath and Beyond in London or the UK, but there are other stores that can fulfil your household needs.

Before we get too deep into colorful towels, I want to share some resources that may help you get used to certain aspects of living in or visiting England.

Firstly, no matter your reason for being here, you need the best book on living in the UK for Americans ever written – the book is called “Girl Gone London: An American’s Guide to Surviving Life in the UK” and you should click here and check it out.

I also may have written it, so I’m biased.

But truly, if you’re coming to the UK as an expat, a study abroad student, or even a visitor, my guide to life in the UK contains both personal anecdotes and maybe too-honest experiences, as well as resources and advice on topics ranging from homesickness in the UK (or how not to rage book a flight to America like I did), driving in the UK, being a student in the UK, and more practical advice about bank accounts, buying houses, and more. 

It’s truly a one stop shop for all of the weirdness and wonderfulness (is that a word?) that comes along with life in the UK, and also there is plenty of opportunity to laugh at me as I share all of my expat fails so there’s that. 

I’ve lived here for 5 years now and have seen it all – from culture shock to learning how to use the tube without getting run over by angry businessmen.

I also know how hard it can be navigating life as an American in London, so enjoy some articles on facing homesickness as an expat and making friends as an expat (It can be done!)

Anyway, on to Bed Bath and Beyond in the UK.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a huge American chain store that was founded in 1971 and has stores acros the US, Canada, and Mexico.

It’s currently struggling to grow its sales, but it has been a staple for consumers for the past 40 years and is instantly associated with home goods.

Unfortunately the UK is not on its list of foreign expansions.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck without a place to buy bathroom garbage cans and kitchen gadgets in the UK.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ve got some options.

Alternatives to Bed Bath and Beyond in the UK and London

One of my absolute favorite Bed Bath and Beyond alternatives is Dunelm.

This is the most similar to Bed Bath and Beyond and sells furniture, towels, curtains, garbage cans, storage containers and more.

However, like many big box stores, Dunelm is found outside of London rather than in the city.

Another option is ASDA.

ASDA is the equivalent of Wal-Mart in the UK and has lots of options for pots and pans, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories and more.

They also sell food as their main function, so its not exactly like Bed Bath and Beyond, but close enough.

If you live in London, you’ll want to try Argos.

This is a store where you can order items from a catalog up front and then collect your items from the back.

Because you don’t physically see the items until you’ve already bought them its not the best idea for something that has to be just right, but it is an option.

And finally, the ultimate way to buy home goods in the UK is just to do the 21st century thing and order them on Amazon UK.

Read more in my full guide comparing UK and US stores and restaurants.

Coming to London Soon?


Since you’re here I’m assuming you’re intent on visiting this amazing city soon!

Getting the lowdown on the hottest spots in town can be time consuming so I took the liberty of picking out some great ones below. Hope you enjoy!

Open Top Bus London Tour: Double Decker buses are not only a way of transportation in London, but a definitive pastime of the city dwellers.

This tour lets you see London by night and experience a true right of passage that every Londoner must complete. A two for one YAY! 

Kew Gardens: If you want to explore some of the calmer areas of the city, I highly recommend exploring the botanicals at Kew Gardens.

London’s largest World Heritage site boasts acres of gardens in a royal glass palace because, yes, everything here gets the royal treatment. 

Afternoon Tea Cruise on River Thames: Oh so you’ve come to London looking for tea?

Lucky for you theres literally MILLIONS of options to choose from… it can actually get overwhelming. So I made it easy for you and found one of the best teas in town, complete with the best setting as well!

Want to know more about US stores in the UK? Check this list out!

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