Is there a Lowe’s in the UK or London? (2024)

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Attention home improvement gurus!

You probably found this post by searching “Is there a Lowe’s in the UK?” or “Is there a Lowe’s in London?”.

And by Lowe’s I mean the store with hammers and nails.

There are other stores called Lowe’s around the world, but this is about the American home improvement store.

Maybe you read the article about Home Depot in the UK and are wondering if there is still hope for you.

Lowe’s has always been the secondary option to Home Depot for me, but it may be that Lowe’s is your preference or you just have one closer to you.


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In that case, let’s answer the question…

Is there a Lowe’s in the UK or London?

The answer is no, there is no Lowe’s in the UK or London.

Instead, there are alternatives to Lowe’s for you to buy everything you need to fix a door, paint a wall or take on a large construction project that you saw on YouTube once and now think you can do even though you’ve never picked up a saw in your life.

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Right, so on to Lowe’s in the UK.

Lowe’s has been an American staple since 1946, when it was founded in North Carolina.

It does home improvement sales just second to Home Depot and ahead of every other home improvement store chain in America, and it’s known for its racing sponsorships and generally being the “other place to go for paint and Christmas decorations.”

Lowe’s has over 2,000 stores in the US and operates stores in Canada as well.

However, it’s not on the list of UK home improvement stores and you can’t find a single Lowe’s on this side of the pond.

However, don’t fret!

There are plenty of alternatives to Lowe’s in the UK and London, and I’ve put together a short list to give you some ideas.

Lowe’s Alternatives in the UK


Homebase is a popular home improvement store that sells everything from paint to outdoor furniture.

It was founded in 1979 and most Homebases are found in more suburban areas.

There are over 250 stores across the UK, though it has been struggling with sales in recent years.

In my experience, Homebase has always been the lesser of the UK home improvement stores, though I have no real facts to back that up besides the fact that it always seems slightly deserted.


Screwfix is the largest multi-chain retailer in the UK of home improvement goods including, well, screws!

And lots of other stuff.

This is a one-stop shop, just like Lowe’s, and you’ll find many of these across the UK in addition to B and Q, another home improvement owned by the same company as Screwfix.

We’ve bought items from Screwfix in the past with no problems, and I would highly recommend them.


Halfords are found in both large and small versions, and these are a bit more than home improvement.

You can also get car parts and bicycles and bicycle parts here, as well as camping equipment and technology like dash cams.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a place to go if you want to get all of your construction tools in one place, but they do sell power tools, sockets, tool storage and more.

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Coming to London Soon?


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