Helpful List of UK vs US Stores and Restaurants

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Whether you’re moving to the UK from the US or you’re just visiting, it’s always helpful to know what sorts of stores and restaurants you should expect to find.

Some stores and restaurants can be found in both countries, like McDonald’s, Subway, and KFC, while others are specific to the UK or US and have the equivalent across the pond.

I’ve organized this guide by type of store, and listed the American version.

Click on the link and you’ll be taken to a list of equivalents in the UK for that particular store and more information on whether you can find it in the UK.

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US vs UK Restaurants

US vs UK Grocery Stores

US vs UK Fast Food and Cafes

US vs UK Clothing Stores

US vs UK Craft Stores

US vs UK Big Box Stores

US vs UK Drug, Makeup and Body Stores

US vs UK Home Improvement and Homegoods Stores

US vs UK Convenience Stores

US vs UK Bookstores

US vs UK Banks

US vs UK Entertainment

US vs UK Other Stores

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