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Studying Abroad as an Introvert: How to Succeed and Not Go Crazy

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Studying abroad is a very full-on experience, especially if you’re studying abroad as an introvert.

Not only are you in a country where you know no one, but you basically relive your freshman year and are expected to make friends from scratch and be SUPER SOCIAL and ALWAYS FUN and LIFE OF THE PARTY and LETS GO TRAVEL 24/7 TOGETHER AND NEVER GET TIRED OF IT.

Fortunately for about 50% of the population, this sounds great.

For the rest of us, this is also great, up until the point when we just want to be alone for 5 minutes and not have to talk to anyone and WHY ARE YOU BEING SO ENTHUSIASTIC, JUST LET ME WATCH NETFLIX AND EAT THIS BOX OF POPTARTS.

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