This past Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went to see Mission Impossible 3 at the movie theater (or cinema, as you would say in the UK). I had never seen Mission Impossible 1 or 2, but we went to see Inside Out last week (so cute, go and see it!) and it was his turn to choose. For a movie that I went into with no expectations, I definitely enjoyed it. I may have stupidly asked, at one point, why they were playing the James Bond music because all action music sounds the same to me, but NO MATTER.

Anyway, the reason we went on a Tuesday night is because Tuesday nights are a special “cheap ticket” deal at Empire Cinemas across the UK, and we are cheap sensible.

Which brings me to my next obvious point: just like everywhere, movie tickets in the UK can get expensive, especially in London. To see a 3D movie on a Saturday night at the Leicester Square Odeon (right in central London), you’re looking at almost 15 pounds. A 2D film on another night is about 13 pounds. I’m pretty sure that I saw Wreck it Ralph at that Odeon for upwards of 17 pounds. 17 POUNDS. FOR A MOVIE. You don’t even leave with a gift bag!

If you’re in the UK for a short study abroad trip or as a tourist, you’ll probably never step foot inside a movie theater because there’s too much to do in real life without spending it in front of a screen. But the longer you’re here, the more you can’t resist the newest releases anymore. And while it’s sometimes hard to avoid going on a weekend night, you’ll get a much better deal if you are willing to go during the week.

Three of the major UK chains, Odeon, Cineworld, and Empire, all have discount nights one night of the week.

For Odeon it’s Monday, and for Cineworld and Empire it’s Tuesday.

And if you want a bit more flexibility, consider taking advantage of another AMAZING deal (I am totally a couponing soccer mom right now, whatever, life is expensive): Meerkat Movies.

meerkat movies
Meerkat Movies replaces what used to be called “Orange” Wednesday where if you had the cellphone company Orange, you could get a 2 for 1 movie ticket on a Wednesday. Now it’s run by

Here’s the secret: you need to buy one of their ‘qualifying’ purchases to get 12 months of 2 for 1 tickets are most major movie theaters on Tuesdays OR Wednesdays. But you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds, or even tens. I paid less than 5 pounds for one-day UK travel insurance to get the offer, which is basically nothing compared to the amount of money you could save if you’re here long term.

Doesn’t your wallet feel much happier now? If you’re lucky, you may even have money left over for some popcorn (ha, just kidding, no, have you even seen those prices?)