23+ Best Markets in London: the Ultimate Guide (2024)

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From acting as iconic London landmarks to being popular places to buy clothes, food, jewelry, antiques, flowers, furniture, and more, the best markets in London are amazing places to lose yourself for a few hours (or days) when you want to soak up some London atmosphere.

Now, London has lots of different types markets, and you’ll find even more food market options in my guide to the best street food in London, but these are my favorite markets in London to give you an idea of where to start in this London market guide.

People milling around a food stand at Borough Market London

The Absolute Must-Knows (from a Londoner)

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1. Borough Market: one of London’s best markets

You can’t go to London and not go to Borough Market – it’s just not possible!

Borough Market is London’s top food market, and they have everything from pasta to potatoes, clams to pineapples, Indian to Italian.

A squid food shop at Borough Market London

Whether you want to have lunch here or you want to buy some ingredients to make a dinner back at your bed and breakfast in London or AirBnB, you won’t regret wandering around here and smelling all of the delicious food aromas!

There are also frequent food demonstrations and special events on at Borough Market which provide even more of a lively atmosphere.

Address: Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL
Open for a full market Wednesday through Saturday and a limited market on Monday and Tuesday.


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2. Portobello Road Market

It bills itself as the largest antiques market in London, and it’s no joke!

Portobello Road Market is filled with great antiquing options, as well as vintage clothing and other “bric-a-brac,” as they call it (knick knacks!). 

The colorful buildings that surround the market make this all the more enticing options for those wanting to experience London in a different way.

You can even buy fruits and vegetables from some stalls most of the week, with the full market on display on Saturdays. 

Address: Portobello Road Market, 306 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TA
Open Monday through Saturday with different markets each day and the main market on Saturday.

3. Greenwich Market: famous market in London

From food stalls to antiques, Greenwich Market has a little bit of everything.

I like it because it’s in Greenwich, which is further out of central London and one of the more quirky things to do in London and usually means a bit more room to move around, and also it’s just a wonderful place to roam around and keep everyone interested as there are so many stall options. 

Second hand vinyl records in Camden shop in London

If you’ve got extra time, visit Cutty Sark in Greenwich or go stand at the Prime Meridian Line!

Address: 5B Greenwich Market, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9HZ
Open every day

4. Camden Market: cool markets in London

Looking for gifts?


Shoes? Homegoods? Souvenirs?

Something just a little bit different?

Camden Market is the place to be, considered to be an “alternative” area, it’s still popular for all types of visitors.

Don’t be surprised if you come across some funky looking stalls or some fashion styles you’ve never seen before – it’s all part of the fun of Camden.

Address: Camden Market, Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF
Open every day.

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5. Columbia Road Flower Market: London local market

There’s nothing in London quite like the Columbia Road Flower Market, which fills the street with blooms every Sunday when you can buy foliage of all kinds, whether you want flowers for your girlfriend, some new plants for your house, or just a waft of nature’s finest creations!

Flowers arranged in buckets at a flower market

There are also other shops along this road that sell all types of things, so you can come along even if you’re not just in the market for flowers. 

Address: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG
Open on Sundays until about 3pm.

6. Old Spitalfields Market

This market has been in East London for decades and the history of it actually extends centuries.

This is a cool covered market selling everything from fresh produce to jewelry to art to clothing, and if you’re staying in East London, it’s worth stopping by!

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London, E1 6EW
Open every day with different times and markets on each day.

7. Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden isn’t actually a garden, though it sounds like it.

It’s one of London’s best markets, and truly my favorite for outdoor atmosphere in the summer.

You’ll find plenty of stalls selling everything from hand soap to children’s clothes, but also be surrounded by quite famous attractions like the London Transport Museum and Covent Garden’s Disney and Apple stores.

This is one of those areas where you really can spend quite a few hours, not including the sit-down meal you can have in one of the on-site restaurants, sometimes featuring live music outdoors.

Address: New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5BH
Open every day.

8. Leather Lane Market

One of the least touristy markets in London, Leather Lane Market is on, surprise surprise, Leather Lane – a street in the Farringdon area of town that bustles with lunchtime activity Monday through Friday.


Leather Lane Market really caters to local workers who want something different to eat at lunch than your normal Pret or Costa Coffee, and they’ve got everything from grilled cheese to curry to tacos.

Prices are cheap, the atmosphere great, and it’s a short walk from Farringdon Station.

Address: Leather Ln, Holborn, London EC1N 7TJ
Open Monday through Friday from about 10am to 3pm

9. Leadenhall Market: popular market in London

You may recognize this famous London market from the Harry Potter films, where it was used as part of Diagon Alley!

This covered market is one of the oldest in all of London, and the architecture inside is stunning.

You’ll find plenty of fresh food here, from cheese to meat to ready-to-eat meals.

It used to be a meat and poultry market, in fact!

The great thing about Leadenhall Market is that you can visit in poor weather and not have an impaired experienced like an outdoor market.

Address: Leather Ln, Holborn, London EC1N 7TJ
Open Monday through Friday from about 10am to 3pm

10. Petticoat Lane Market: best market in London for clothes

Photo credit: Petticoat Lane Market Facebook page

With a name as quaint as Petticoat Lane Market, fashionistas will definitely want to make a visit.

This is another “off the beaten path” market that is busy, but not chock full of tourists.

This market specializes in clothing and fabrics, and has over 1,000 stalls during its peak times.

If you’re into London history, this is a great option as the past includes unregulated and illegal trade back in the day.


Today it’s a tribute to the surrounding immigrant community and its roots as one of the oldest surviving markets in London.

11. Bermondsey Market

Photo credit: Bermondsey Market Facebook page

If it’s antiques you’re after, Bermondsey Market is the place to go.

This market, in Bermondsey Square since 1950, specializes in everything from cutlery to furniture to jewelry from around the world.

It is an outdoor market, so relies on the weather, and typically has its market day on Fridays.

There are plenty of places to eat nearby as well, should you want to take a break for lunch.

Address: Leather Ln, Holborn, London EC1N 7TJ
Open Monday through Friday from about 10am to 3pm

12. Maltby Street Market

This modern London market opened in 2010 and has become a wonderful place to escape for a few hours on the weekends.

The size is small, which means that the vendors allowed are specifically curated and vetted to ensure the best quality.

You’ll find plenty of street food as well as produce you can buy to take home, and you wouldn’t be out of place if you find yourself drinking from a mason jar with an eco-friendly straw.

13. Brick Lane Market

One of the most famous markets in South London, Brick Lane Market has everything from vintage clothing to records to amazing street food.

Perhaps most popular for international cuisine like the amazing curry houses and iconic Beigel Bake (open 24 hours), it’s a great place to just stroll with some food in hand taking in the atmosphere and appreciating the contributions of all of the local communities that bring their own flavors and customs to the streets.

14. Herne Hill Market: top markets in London

Photo credit: Bermondsey Market Facebook page

Head to South London for this incredible Farmer’s Market held every Sunday in Herne Hill.

With more than 50 traders providing everything from produce to popcorn and pies to baked goods, the real aim of the market is to develop a sense of community while supporting local businesses.

This is a truly local London market and if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the main city markets, Herne Hill Market is the place to go.

15. Crystal Palace Market

Photo credit: Crystal Palace Market Facebook page

Another food market in London, Crystal Palace Market is open every Sunday from 10am to 4pm in Crystal Palace park.

Wander among the stalls of seasonal fruit and veg, locally baked bread, farm made pies, and olive oils, vegan cheese, craft beer and so much more.

Stalls change weekly, and if you bring along your own reusable tubs you can also stock up on essentials like grains like rice and pasta.

The quality of the food is high and the atmosphere is fun and friendly.

16. Broadway Market: must-visit markets in London

Image: Broadway Market London. Karen Bryan. [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr

Nestled in Hackney in North London, Broadway Market is a working Victorian street market featuring everything from vintage clothing to high quality produce.

The beauty of Broadway Market is that the actual market with stalls happens every Saturday, but along the street there are over 60 boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants that are open every day of the year so you can still experience the area even if you’re not shopping at the Saturday market.

This is a great market in London for pictures, as the road has been in use since the Roman times and has actually been featured as a set in a few movies over the years.

17. Lloyd Park Market

Photo credit: Lloyd Park Market

If you’re near Forest Road, across from the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, check out the Lloyd Park Market every Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

With artisan baked goods, hot food options to eat while you’re walking, and lots of local vibes, this is another great London market.

18. Sunday Upmarket

Photo credit: Sunday Upmarket Facebook page

Every Saturday and Sunday in East London, Upmarket takes over Ely’s Yard to bring London a food hall that you won’t soon forget.

You’ve got 40+ of a variety of street food traders with more interesting options than you might find in a typical UK farmer’s market, including those serving up Ethiopian fare, Korean skewers, and more.

It truly encompasses the best of the diversity of East London and is particularly known for its dessert scene, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the market for you.

19. Goodge Place Market

Photo credit: Goodge Place Market Facebook page

Right in the heart of Central London, near UCL and Goodge Street Station, is Goodge Place Market.

This is a small street food market with a few different options (a lot of them serving the local student community), and while it’s not necessarily a market in London to go out of your way for, it’s definitely worth stopping by for lunch if you’re in the area.

20. Exmouth Market: London markets to visit

Photo credit: Exmouth Market Facebook page

This market in Clerkenwell is another one that’s located on an already beautiful street with permanent shops and restaurants like Pizza Pilgrims and East Central Cycles.

However, during the weekdays, there are also stalls that create an open air market serving up other food products and local crafts.

21. Strutton Ground Market

Photo credit: Jerk N Grind Facebook page

This mixed market on a narrow lane near Victoria in Central London is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat or buy a souvenir to take home if you’re a visitor to London or something to display in your flat if you live in the city.

Walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy the market when it’s open on weekdays, and choose from everything including Indian cuisine, falafel, Mexican food, and books and clothing and homegoods.

22. West India Quay Market

Photo credit: West India Quay Facebook page

KERB brings its lunch market to West India Quay every Thursday between 12pm and 2pm.

While it is a great place for local workers to grab their lunch, everyone is welcome and if you’re in the area, support their mission of bringing local to London and get lunch from one of the food stalls.

23. Bloomsbury Farmers Market

Photo credit: Bloomsbury Farmer’s Market Facebook page

Every Thursday from 9am to 2pm, the Bloomsbury Farmer’s Market comes to Torrington Square to offer a huge selection of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options.

Most of the stalls take card, but bring some cash along just in case, and join in with the local student population who wait anxiously each week for market day to get something different for lunch.

Visitors, locals, students, and anyone with an appetite are all welcome, and while it is located near to University of London buildings, it is not on a “campus” and you won’t feel out of place if you visit and aren’t a student!

Tips for Visiting London’s Best Markets

Whether you know exactly where you want to visit or you’re going to try a few, here are some helpful tips to make sure you have the best experience:

  • try and visit outside of peak hours like lunch if it’s a lunchtime market. Leather Lane Market, for instance, is much less busy at 12pm than at 1pm which is a more traditional British lunch time
  • always have cash on hand! Many vendors do take card nowadays, but espeially in the more pop-up markets and less touristy ones, having cash is always going to make sure you won’t run into any problems
  • keep your belongings close to you at all times. Markets are one of those places, like public transportation, that can make it easier for thieves to operates because of the amount of people in one place, not paying attention to their stuff!
  • many markets have different offerings on different days, so don’t just visit on one day and expect that you’ve seen it all -see if the theme of the market changes throughout the week!

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