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7+ Best Hotels in London: (Exactly) Where to Stay in London for an A+ Trip

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When it comes to choosing where to stay in London, people often want specific recommendations.

Seeing as there are so many hotels to choose from in London, I’ve put together some of the best hotels in London to help you plan.

Keep in mind that this is a short list, and just because your hotel isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. You can also read more about my favorite areas to stay in London to help you narrow down your search.

These are just places I have personal experiences with and can recommend when you’re searching for where to stay in London.

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Before you keep reading, I just wanted to make sure you know about my expert 7-day London itinerary that includes all of the iconic attractions plus off-the-beaten path activities and restaurants, as well as step-by-step walking and public transportation directions!

It can be stressful spending so much money on a London trip and not knowing if you’re fitting everything in or making the most of your time.

To help you out, I’ve taken my 10 years of London experience (starting as a visitor and then as a resident) to make sure that you have the ultimate step-by-step itinerary that will make sure you see the real London.

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A taxi cab in front of a hotel in London

Best Cheap Hotels in London

London on a budget can be tough, as this is a very expensive city compared to many others, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

The first thing to figure out when deciding on a budget place to stay in London is whether you’re okay with a hostel in London or you prefer a cheap hotel in London.

I’ve recommended both types below, with the emphasis that if you’re traveling to London with kids or aren’t quite down for being among lots of people in their 20s, staying in a hostel in London may not be the best way forward!

1. Generator Hostels

If you’re on a hostel budget and happy to deal with dorm style bathrooms and bunk beds, Generator Hostel London is a great place to stay with clean rooms, clean bathrooms, super friendly staff and an awesome reception area with game rooms, food options and choices to book a private room or a shared one.

Make sure you pay attention to what kind of room you are booking and whether you are booking a space in a shared room or an entire room to avoid any surprises, but if the hostel life is for you, Generator London is one of the best. 

The location is walking distance from King’s Cross Station (Paris trip, anyone?!) and the lovely British library which has tons of permanent collections including Beatles handwritten lyrics.

Click here to check prices and learn more about the Generator Hostel.

People shopping in London

2. Premier Inn or Travelodge

If you don’t want to live the hostel life but would still like to stay on a tight budget in London, consider staying at one of the many Premier Inns or Travelodges across the city.

These are both respected, budget hotel chains that have multiple locations and are a “you know what you’re getting”, kind of place. 

That is to say, a clean room, bathroom, and a place to sleep.

You won’t get anything fancy here, but you will be perfectly safe and comfortable when you are in the room. 

Again, there are locations all around the city so you could match up your ideal location with any one of these chains.

Click here to check out the best-located Premier Inn and click here to learn more about Travelodge locations.

People getting on a London underground train


I’ve recommended where to stay in London for mid-range budgets below, which will be where most people end up staying.

These are for people who do want to stay in a proper hotel that is safe and nice and has some amenities, but don’t necessarily need to stay in a place that’s too luxurious.

The rooms may be smaller than you would get in a more luxury hotel, but they’re family-friendly, are considered more than just “basic” hotels, and the prices fit more families well.

3. Thistle Hotel Chains

I’ve chosen Thistle Hotels for my brand of choice for the mid-range hotel options, as I find them fantastic for a mid-range budget.

They aren’t over the top expensive, but they are comfortable and in great locations around the city.

They will have their own restaurant/breakfast area as well as en-suite rooms and some different room options depending on your needs and how many people you’re traveling with. 

My personal favorite is the Thistle Hotel in Holborn on Southhampton Row, as it’s walking distance to the British Museum, in a safe area with lots of restaurants around, and you’re very central so you can hop on the tube easily.

Click here to check out my most recommended Thistle, Thistle Holborn.

London Marriott Hotel County Hall
Image: County Hall Marriott Hotel. Tony Hisgett. [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

4. Ace Hotel London

For younger mid-range travelers who want to stay in a quirky and cool part of the city, I’ve chosen Ace Hotel London in Shoreditch.

The rooms are sleek and Instagram-friendly, and the hotel also has dining options and places to host events or meet up with people. 

Shoreditch is in East London and has lots of street art, hipster-style eateries, and artists.

It’s easily connected to central London on the Central Line, and Ace Hotel has becoming super popular with visitors in recent months.

Click here to check prices and learn more about Ace Hotel.

Boutique or Luxury

The Westbury Mayfair exterior
Image: From Marriott

If you’re splurging on your trip to London or just want to make sure you stay somewhere that is going to look out for you, these are my favorite luxury hotels in London.

Now, you can often find some deals, particularly in the low season, so do check into the prices of these hotels depending on your dates to see if you can afford them, as ultimately they are my most recommended hotels in London if you have the cash!

5. St. Ermin’s Hotel in St. James Park

This is one of the most beautiful hotels in all of London, in my opinion, with a fantastic location, amazingly helpful staff and luxury feel.

St. Ermin's Hotel Sign

St. Ermin’s Hotel seems to cater to a mostly American audience who love the size of the rooms and the proximity to St. Jame’s Park, while also appreciating how it feels tucked away in its own little oasis. 

Front of St. Ermin's Hotel with green tree's either side

They also do a fantastic afternoon tea at St. Ermins, as well as have their own colony of bees who you can watch making their honey outside the third floor window!

You’ll feel like you’re living the life of luxury, particularly with the gorgeous gardens.

The staff is top notch and super friendly, and this is one of the best hotels in London for couples and older travelers.

Click here to check prices and learn more about St. Ermin’s Hotel.

6. Strand Palace Hotel

For a hotel in the Covent Garden area, you can’t go wrong with the Strand Palace Hotel.

It’s right in the heart of London, the rooms are generously sized for London, the Deluxe rooms have air conditioning (perfect for the summer) and they’ve got room service, a fitness room, and multiple places to eat and drink. 

It has just recently been refurbished and will continue to be upgraded into 2020.

Click here for prices and more information about the Strand Palace Hotel.

A lady in a coat and hat on a street in London at night with a London cab taxi in the background


While I won’t provide links to specific AirBnbs because they change so frequently (and there’s only one of each available, so the chances that your dates line up exactly with the specific ones I mention would be a shot in the dark!), I do want to recommend apartment style accomodation in central London that gives you a kitchentte, should you be in London long enough to want your own kitchen. 

Shops at London Bridge with The Shard in the background

7. Blueprint Living Apartments

The Blueprint Living Apartments are modern, good-sized apartments with comfy beds, sitting areas, and a kitchenette featuring a small stove, fridge, and oven.

They’re located very close to the British Museum in a family-friendly and safe area, and they’re a great option for people who want apartment style living but aren’t sure about the downsides and potential risks of an AirBnB. 

Click here to check prices and learn more about the Blueprint Living Apartments.

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  1. Great article! I have a trip planned to London March 2022 – Staying 3 nights in London before leaving to Bristol- I’m already overwhelmed and I still have nine months before I leave. I’m looking for a hotel centrally located but not so touristy.

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