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15 Noticeable Differences Between British and American Weddings

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These past few weekends have been ‘wedding season,’ not only for me, but also for the dozens of coworkers and friends I’ve spoken to who are hopping from wedding-to-wedding this month.

There’s something about spring and summer in the UK that makes it a perfect time to say “I do,” which is wonderful for the happy couple, but a bit of a scheduling nightmare for the rest of us.

As someone who got married in the UK as an American myself, I thought I’d help you all by by making a list of the differences between British and American weddings so that you can figure out how to plan a British American wedding.

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10 thoughts on “15 Noticeable Differences Between British and American Weddings”

    1. I THINK (emphasis on think) that in America it’s a “you probably shouldn’t, but if you’re bold enough and it’s not skin tight, go for it.” The only color that’s an absolute no is white, obviously.

      I’m horrible with deciding wedding attire no matter what country I’m in, really. Too much pressure to look-good-but-not-too-good and nothing offensive but not too boring..ah!

      1. Yes, it can be. It makes the day go by fast but yes it is a learned skill for sure. There is no time to mess around with camera settings and lighting when things move fast. But it is also an honor to be such a big part of a family’s special day. I like it. 🙂

  1. I was wondering about the wedding breakfast! (A coworker is getting married and has discussed it) I also like that stag/hen dos tend to include entertaining costumes for the bride and groom!

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