5 Ways Copenhagen Understands Life

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  1. Copenhagen understands the need to bounce your way along every once in awhile. Sure, you could walk along the river, but why would you want to when you can hop from trampoline to trampoline?IMG_8826
  2. Copenhagen understands that a life lived in color is a life well-lived. Who needs earth tones when you’ve got fun tones?IMG_8779
  3. Copenhagen understands that sometimes, you just want to eat your picnic lunch on your boat and not have to use your knees as a tabletop. Gone are the days of awkwardly handling your sandwich while trying to take in the view. Spread out your three course meal and relax.IMG_8799
  4. Copenhagen understands sustainability and the importance of using natural resources. The wind farms aren’t just for looks.IMG_8756
  5. Copenhagen understands that having lunch in a dome is far more exciting than eating in a regular building. Squares and rectangles in architecture is so 2013.IMG_9070

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3 years ago

The trampoline thing… that’s pretty awesome.

Kristin Marie Larson

3 years ago

I need to go there!

Bulldog Travels

3 years ago

Great post. Funny. Interesting. Love Copenhagen!


3 years ago

Thanks! I didn’t really know what to expect going in, and it was 10x more than what I had pictured. We’re already thinking of planning future trips.

Sarah Leonard

3 years ago

Those trampolines look awesome! Really cool 🙂

Sarah Green

3 years ago

Copenhagen looks amazing!


3 years ago

It really was, I would 100% recommend it! We arrived not really knowing what we were in for or much about the city and were really pleasantly surprised. 🙂

Damask Suitcase

3 years ago

Great post! Can’t wait to visit!

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2 years ago

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