Whether you post once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year (wait, don’t do that) – I guarantee there has been a time you sat at your computer, staring a blank screen, waiting for your muse to get you going or a divine intervention to tell you exactly what to write about.

While I’m neither divine (definitely) nor a muse (I don’t think), I’ve put together a list of 101 content ideas for your blog for those moments where you’re just like, “WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.”

Tone down the caps lock, take a deep breath, and browse below until you find something that seems like it may work for you.

1. Write a review of a product you’ve recently bought
2. Tell a childhood story and relate it to your life today
3. Make a list of your favorite things in your niche
4. Do a round-up of other blogger’s opinions about a topic
5. Respond to a recent news article
6. Respond to another blogger’s article if you have a different opinion
7. Write your opinion on seasonal issues (is Christmas too commercialized? Is the summer overrated?)
8. Write about a recent day out you’ve taken in your local area
9. Write a letter to your childhood self
10. Write a letter to yourself, now
11. Do a tutorial on a craft you’ve been dying to make
12. Try out a new recipe and vow to share it, even if becomes the story of a Pinterest fail
13. Try out some Pinterest hacks in your niche and let your readers know if they work
14. Review a service you’ve recently used
15. Write a fictional short story related to your niche
16. Do a “Pros” and “Cons” post about a particular topic
17. Do a photo essay of a recent experience with little text
18. Write an open letter to someone in your past who has made an impact on you
19. Document your recent home renovations with a before and after post
20. Write an encouraging post on any subject, giving your readers the courage to XYZ
21. Host a giveaway