25 Interesting Facts about the London Eye (surprising!)

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Whether you want to know facts about the London Eye for your own enjoyment or an educational project, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite interesting facts about the London Eye so we can all make sure we’re on the same page about one of London’s most iconic landmarks!

For instance, did you know that that it was originally only meant to be a temporary structure?

As a Londoner for the past 10 years, I’ve loved all of my trips on the London Eye (over 20 at this point), as each tells a different story of the city based on the weather, the time of year, and what’s going on in the city.

These 25 cool and fun facts about the London Eye in London, England, will make you see this attraction in a whole new way.

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The London Eye with blue sky and a boat passing by

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1. One of London’s Most Iconic Landmarks

Imagine a colossal wheel of glass and steel rising above London’s South Bank like a futuristic beacon.

The London Eye’s breathtaking presence is more than a mere landmark; it’s a testament to modern engineering and an embodiment of the city’s dynamic spirit.

2. It’s an Observation Wheel that Stands at 443 Feet

The London Eye stands tall, reaching for the heavens at 135 meters (443 feet).

Picture yourself ascending to a vantage point where the cityscape unfurls beneath you like a grand tapestry, revealing every nook and cranny in exquisite detail.

3. Opened in the New Millennium

March 9, 2000—the dawn of a new millennium.

London welcomed the future with open arms as the London Eye debuted, instantly capturing hearts and becoming a timeless chapter in the city’s story.

London Eye from a nearby bridge

4. Designed by Visionaries

Enter the visionary minds of architects David Marks and Julia Barfield, who dreamed of a wheel that would not only elevate its passengers but also the concept of urban artistry.

Their creation fused imagination with innovation, resulting in a testament to human ingenuity.

5. It Has 32 Capsules

Step into one of the 32 transparent capsules and embark on a journey where walls and floors become windows.

Each capsule is a sphere of anticipation, a cozy cocoon that transforms into a portal to London’s secrets as it ascends.

6. The Design is Revolutionary

The London Eye’s design was a paradigm shift in the world of Ferris wheels.

Imagine the thrill of watching the world spin around you as you remain suspended, encapsulated in a glass bubble of wonder.

It’s an experience that makes traditional Ferris wheels seem like relics of the past.

7. Over 3 Million Visitors

Around 3.75 million visitors take a ride on the London Eye each year, which is an absolutely staggering number to picture!

8. It’s Almost Exactly 30 Minutes Long

Thirty minutes—a magical interval that balances the ephemeral with the enduring.

As you savor every second of the ride, you’ll realize that even time itself bows to the majesty of London’s skyline.

9. It has Some of the Best Views in London

A clear day opens up a panorama beyond your wildest dreams.

Gaze upon Buckingham Palace, and as you turn, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben greet you like old friends.

The Thames serpentines through the cityscape, reflecting the tapestry of London’s history.

The London Eye from below with a blue sky in the background

10. It Was Meant to Be a Temporary Attraction

What was meant to be fleeting became everlasting.

The London Eye’s journey from temporary attraction to timeless icon showcases the power of human fascination and the indomitable spirit of invention.

11. The London Eye Lights Up at Night

As the sun dips below the horizon, the London Eye is reborn in light.

Watch as a symphony of LEDs paints the night sky, creating a mesmerizing dance that complements London’s vibrant nightlife.

12. The Building Process Involved Floating on the Thames

Visualize the audacious engineering ballet that brought the London Eye to life.

Gigantic pieces floated on the Thames, slowly piecing together a giant puzzle.

The final lift-off marked not just the birth of a wheel, but the birth of a legend.

13. The Sponsorship Can Change

Different sponsors have lent their names to the London Eye, but the wheel’s true identity transcends any corporate moniker.

It is a canvas where memories are painted and stories etched into London’s heart.

14. It Appears in Movies and TV Shows

The London Eye’s cameo appearances in films and TV shows are like Easter eggs for observant fans.

It’s a way for the wheel to remind us that it’s not just a landmark but a beloved character in London’s narrative.

15. Focal Point for the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

New Year’s Eve isn’t just a countdown; it’s a spectacle.

Picture the London Eye as the focal point, surrounded by a sky ablaze with fireworks, as the city bids farewell to the old year and welcomes the new with a symphony of color.

16. Committed to Sustainability

The London Eye isn’t just a marvel of design; it’s a conscious choice for sustainability.

The LED lights are more than just eye candy; they’re a testament to the attraction’s commitment to a greener future.

17. It Can Change its Colors for World Events

Whether it’s lending support to a country in crisis like Ukraine or to celebrate an England win at a sporting event, the London Eye is one of the landmarks in London that can change the color of its lights at night to support a current event.

18. It Takes Up to 25 Passengers in Each Capsule

While 25 is around the max for each capsule and you’ll probably have less during your journey on the Eye, it can take 25 people in each capsule if it needs to.

The London Eye with the River Thames in the foreground and blue sky in the background

19. You can Get Married on It!

Envision exchanging vows while the city glimmers below.

The London Eye isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a witness to love, promising couples a soaring start to their journey together.

20. There are Interactive Screens Inside

As you touch the interactive screens inside the capsule, you’re not just a spectator; you’re an explorer.

Dive into London’s stories, engaging with its rich tapestry through technology that bridges the past and present.

21. It’s Involved with Major Charities

Beyond its monumental stature, the London Eye stands as a beacon of community support.

Its involvement with charities showcases the wheel’s heart—a heart as big as the city it calls home.


22. You Can Ride it No Matter the Weather

London’s weather may be unpredictable, but the London Eye welcomes you with open arms, regardless of rain or shine.

The promise of a breathtaking view remains unwavering, a testament to the wheel’s year-round magic.

23. Only Rotates One Way

The London Eye only rotates one way – clockwise as you face the River Thames.

24. No Longer the World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

While it opened as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, it has since been taken over by taller structures like the Sun of Moscow in 2022.


25. It Can Stop to Allow for Longer Loading Times

If elderly or disabled passengers need more time on the loading or unloading process, the Eye can be stopped to allow for this, meaning if you’re on the Eye at the time, you get a little extra time in the sky!

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