Valentine’s Day is one of those “hate to love” or “love to hate” holidays. 50% of people seem way too in love for their own good, and 50% seem way too invested in hating on love for their own good.

I have fond memories of Valentine’s Day, mainly because in elementary school you were obligated to get everyone in the class a Valentine and then spent the whole day eating chocolate and running around the classroom.  You would give the ‘non-committal’ ‘Have a Happy Valentine’s Day” cartoon cards to the boys in the class and the “LOVE YOU FOREVER” puppy cards to your friends because boys were gross, OBVIOUSLY.

In case you a) have an ‘other half’ that you have forgotten to get something for or b) don’t have an other half and are going to buy yourself something in the name of loving yourself (you do you, girl!), here are some Valentine’s Day suggestions for your favorite traveler.


1. This Luckies of London Scratch Map Scratch off each country you’ve been to together, or be super romantic and scratch off the whole map and cover it in heart stickers and give it to your girlfriend and tell her that she has your heart in every country. Or not.

2. A Nikon cameraThis is mostly just a thinly veiled suggestion for my fiance to buy me a camera, but this is also genuinely a great gift for anyone still resisting the “professional photographer with my iPhone” revolution. Give it to your boyfriend and tell him to take a picture of the most beautiful things in the world. If he doesn’t take a picture of you first, you know where you stand. I should start a relationship blog.

3. 747 Things to Do on a Plane: From Lift-off to Landing, All You Need to Make Your Travels Fly By. Mediocre husbands tell their wives to just put their headphones in and look out the window like the rest of the world. Amazing husbands give their wives 747 options to pass the time.

4. A travel backpack on account of how you just gave your traveler lover a bunch of stuff they’re going to need to find a place to store when they told you all they wanted was an eBook for their Kindle because they’re leaving for Bali tomorrow.


5. An earthy necklace so you can use the ultimate phrase, “I’d go to the ends of the Earth with you.” Okay, cheesy, but if that line doesn’t work, your significant other is either a non-traveler or a rock with no feelings.

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