Travel Blog Life Episode 3: Juggling it All with Sierra Dehmler

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Hey everyone, welcome to the third episode of the Travel Blog Life podcast!

In this episode, I’m talking with Sierra Dehmler of Passport Voyager all about how she manages her travel blog and her work as a social media and Pinterest consultant.

We talk all about the programs she uses to schedule social media (and life), her approach towards making money through her blog, and the importance of being honest about the struggles that come with making money online. 

I had the best time talking to Sierra and learning more about her work as a social media consultant, including her tips for people wanting to start their own businesses and help bloggers with their social media. She also talks about the practicalities of her schedule and the challenges she faces when trying to schedule her time and priorities. 

Provided by Sierra of

Juggling it All with Sierra Dehmler

I first knew about Sierra’s blog, Passport Voyager, through Pinterest, where I would often see her beautiful, branded pins that I was drawn to repinning. She’s great at what she does, and it didn’t surprise me that the majority of her social media work is about helping other bloggers and businesses figure out how to get Pinterest right. 

Alongside the growth of her social media consultancy came the growth of her blog and the opportunities there to make money from ads, brand sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. I was interested to know how she made money online and what her tips are for people trying to build both a blog and a side business at the same time. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Sierra’s backstory and how Passport Voyager came to be
  • How Sierra’s income breaks down between her social media work and blog
  • What Sierra has learned about starting up your own social media consultancy
  • The strategy behind the growth and Mediavine acceptance for the blog
  • The honest difficulties that come along with trying to “do it all”
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You can find Sierra at Passport Voyager and her social media links are below so do check her out!

Sierra’s Facebook page
Sierra’s Twitter
Sierra’s Instagram
Sierra’s Pinterest


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