The Best Way to Make Money from Your Blog (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Adsense)

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I’ve been running a few experiments lately to see where my blogging career might be headed. I’ve had a blog for about three years now (I say ‘had a blog’ rather than ‘blogging,’ as there is plenty of time within that three years that I wasn’t writing or focused on the blog AT ALL).

It wasn’t started with the intention of making money at all. I had no real idea what I was doing, besides having done a few “online journals” back in the day (here’s to hoping those never get found out).

I remember the moment I got my first sponsored post offer. It was in December, I was walking the streets of London all decked out for Christmas, and I was ECSTATIC. Someone was willing to pay me for things I was writing about already? I HAVE FINALLY MADE IT!

Turns out, I didn’t quite “make it,” but I did start making money, bit by bit. 

The problem, though, is that nothing was quite raking in the dough. My traffic wasn’t high enough to make much on Adsense (though I do make a little bit each month…maybe enough to buy a movie ticket!).

Sponsored posts come relatively often, but they don’t come reliably and also not at a fast enough pace to keep up with the mortgage or bills.

My freelancing is fairly steady, but again, it depends on when other clients have work for me and how much of it each month. Some months are fantastic, while others are…not.

Affiliate marketing is also not something I could rely on, my links weren’t converting and there’s still so much more I needed to learn.

Instead, I finally pulled the trigger on creating my own product, the Pitch Like a Pro course.

It started with a lightbulb moment where I realized that I might not be raking in the actual cash, but I WAS being offered loads of sponsored activities and hotel stays. And this was all, again, without hundreds of thousands of followers or loads of page views.

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It took me weeks to put all of the content together, another week to film the videos, and another week to decide how to promote it, but once I did — boom.

In one week, I made a third of the amount I had made TOTAL over the past three years.

Seriously, seven days.

After fighting it for so long, I realized that the advice blogging gurus give is totally correct. If you want to make real, substantial money from your blog, have something to sell. Create your own brand, monetize your expertise, and put the product in the hands of people who need it.

I can’t wait to continue this blogging journey and see where it takes me. Got your own goals? I’d love to hear them!

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