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Taffy Mail UK Review: American Treats to Your Door

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There are few things that remind me of home like American food. When you’re an American expat in the UK, you’re always on the hunt for things like the best American food to get you over your culture shock and homesickness.

And I don’t mean homecooked casseroles and bagel bites (though oh my god, somebody figure out how to get bagel bites in the UK please).

I’m talking like, poptarts, American candy, oatmeal creme pies, fritos, etc.

The things you would ask for as a kid when it was snack time and your mom said “yes, but just a little” and then you proceeded to sneak the whole package upstairs and eat the whole thing (allegedly).

So when Taffy Mail got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their American treat subscription box…..I obviously said yes.

Politely, in an email, and then to Guy –  “WE’RE HAVING A DELIVERY OF AMERICAN FOOD, GET EXCITED.”

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I am no stranger to the subscription box concept, as we’ve received them in the past for both frozen meals and meals that you cook.

But this was a game changer.

Taffy Mail comes in three different options, Lite, Classic, and Extra.

I got sent the Extra which I am extra super excited about, but the choice of three means you have the ability to customize your delivery in terms of size and how much you spend.

Taffy Lite is small enough to fit through your letter box and contains 4-5 American treats, just enough to satisfy your cravings.

Taffy Classic is the original sized box that’s been offered since the company’s creation 3 years ago. If you order the Classic, you’ll expect around 10-12 American treats, perfect for a couple.

Taffy Extra is the best for sharing (hello, making friends as an expat!) and for American expats abroad, as there are up to 20 American treats and premium items to enjoy.

The boxes are delivered monthly, but you’re not tied into a certain number of boxes, so you can order them as and when.

As for the actual contents, the boxes are filled with American-specific treats (so nothing in my box was something I could also get in the UK), and while you don’t get to choose what’s inside, they provide a range of different flavors to cater for all tastes.

I had to take out some items to take the below picture, but the boxes are packed securely with foam so nothing gets damaged in transit.

We got the Halloween box, so things were a bit more Candy-corn flavored than I would have liked (a polarizing subject, I know), but I ate all five of those chocolate donuts in like 30 seconds and the Sour Patch Kids are a new hit in my office.

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If you’re super picky about the American treats you’re missing (or interested in trying if you’ve never lived in America), then Taffy Mail probably isn’t the solution for you as you don’t get to choose what’s in the box.

If, on the other hand, you’re up for an adventure and are interested in everything American (as you should be) after learning about the differences in UK and US grocery stores, Taffy Mail is super fun to receive OR would be an amazing gift for the American expat in your life.

It’s nice to know that we don’t always have to rely on stocking up our suitcases every time we go to have a taste of home when we want it.

Taffy Mail Box provided by Taffy Mail, but all opinions are my own. 

Taffy Mail UK Review: American Treats to Your Door via @girlsgonelondon
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  1. I will be buying a copy of your book. Two actually. I’ve lived here for years but you mentioned places I was not aware of. I’m thrilled to hear about the deli and going back in this to find out more. What I wouldn’t give for some Bologne and American processed cheese.

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