Show Your World: St. Augustine, Florida

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While in the glorious land of American portions and sunshine, Guy and I got a chance to visit St. Augustine with my Mom (hi Mom!)

St. Augustine, a coastal Florida town, is the oldest continually-occupied European settlement in the continental US. It was founded in 1565 by Spain and the Spanish architecture and influence remain to this day.

In a state that revolves around tourism, entertainment, and strip malls, St. Augustine is a refreshing escape from central Florida and one of the school system’s most popular field trips (because somehow sending a kid to Disney World is frowned upon. Whatever.)

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This trolley will guide you through St. Augustine if you want a sure fire way to see all the sights, or just want to rest your legs. But if you’re interested in a more independent approach, read below for the best spots!

Towards the entrance to the city is the Castillo De San Marcos, an old masonry fort made from “coquina,” or ancient shells that have bonded together to act like limestone. You can find coquina in much of old Florida.

As is typical in Florida, the blue skies and sunshine beat down on the Florida flag off in the distance.

As you travel further into the town, you find pedestrian streets with shops, restaurants, and markets to wander through. St. Augustine has maintained its original layout and you are immersed in a time before America was the America we know it as today.

image (48)-min
The architecture of the city is filled with dark reds and gold hues. This is (what used to be) the Ponce de Leon Hotel, named for the Spanish conquistador. It has now been restored and operated by Flager College, a private college in St. Augustine.

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image (49)-min
After you’re done exploring downtown, you can take the Bridge of Lions to Anastasia Island.

image (50)-min
No trip to a coastal city is complete without watching the boats bob up and down in the marina. The wind gets strong as you cross the bridge and the birds dip into the water below you to find lunch.

image (51)-min

If this beautiful place peaked your interest (and I hope it did!!!) feel free to scope out some of the tours and events I found below!

St. Augustine History Museum: Learn about 400 years of history under British and Spanish rule from professionals who, get this, make history interesting!

Night of Lights at St. Augustine: Not only is this one of the most historically significant sites of America, but its also voted one of the 10 best cities in the world for holiday light displays! I can’t exactly promise you a white Christmas in Florida, but I can certainly promise merriment if you come here!

Have you been to St. Augustine? Or anywhere in my home state of Florida? Let me know in the comments!

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