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Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what to get the travelers in your life. You just know that they’ve already received 16 suitcases, 14 quirky passport covers, 7 scratch off maps, and 2 globes.

You don’t want to get them a trip, necessarily, because you don’t know when they’re available and also what if you book them to somewhere they don’t want to go (side note: please for the love of everything, never buy me a surprise trip to Paris.)

But you still need to get them something, and lucky for you, I’ve got the ultimate guide to quirky gifts for travelers that’s about to change your life (or just give you an idea for what to buy, same thing).

String Up Lights for the RV Traveler

RV travel is all the rage these days. Every other post on Instagram seems to be someone in their beautifully converted RV, touring the world with their bed (and kitchen and living room and entire life) in tow.

But even the most Pinterest-wothy RV needs a little bit of festivity now and then, and these easy-to-roll-up outdoors light are amazing for sprucing up the décor or being used as a practical nightlight to the bathroom.

They charge with the help of a USB and are weather proof, plus they come with a carry bag to make for easy…well, carrying.

You could also use these lights as decoration for a hotel room, hostel, or tent. They’re versatile and won’t take up too much room in the luggage. Perfect!

Nessie Ladle for the Cooking Traveler

If you’ve got a chef in your life, particularly ones who loves Scotland, why not get them a Nessie Ladle? Because everyone needs a ladle shaped like the Loch Ness Monster, and this particular version is super adorable.

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This is a great gift for a traveler because it’s something they likely need/have anyway, so replacing their boring plain one for Nessie isn’t taking up more room in their kitchen, but instead making it 10x more fun than it was before.

One thing to keep in mind with this ladle is that it’s not super heavy or weighted, so it won’t drag down your luggage weight limit, but also it might bounce around the kitchen a bit if you’re not careful.

Pizza Stone Made From the LAVA of Mount Etna

Does your traveling friend like: volcanoes , Italy, or pizza?

If they like any or all of the above, this pizza stone made from the lava of Mount Etna is such a unique and useful gift.

If they don’t like any of the above, then you need to reconsider your friends.

There’s something about having other parts of the world “with you” as a traveler, whether that be a seashell from the beaches of Florida, a jar of sand from the desert, or now, a bit of lava from Italy.

It’s actually not just a pizza stone, but a cooking stone that can help you make anything from pizza to steak. We use ours constantly and love the flavor it brings out in our food, as well as the crispy bases you’re able to create.

Construction Plate Set for the Little Traveler

I know what you’re thinking. A) These construction set plate and utensils are AWESOME and B)what does this have to do with traveling?

Well, it doesn’t. But it is a great way to get kids to try new foods, which is exactly what traveling families need.

Whether you’re roaming the highlands of Scotland, heading down under with the kangaroos, or wandering through Indian markets, the world is a treasure trove of new flavors that little travelers, especially, can be hesitatant to try.

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This plate and utensil set is small enough that you could easily pack it in their carry-on and use it as a fun way to get them to do a bit of taste testing. It gives them a consistent, fun way to try new foods that might make unfamiliar things a bit less scary.

For more gifts like this, check out CoolStuff.com.

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