how to protect your home while traveling

As expats, we spend a lot of time traveling (we can’t help it!). Whether you’re off to Nairobi for a month or Copenhagen for the weekend or Russia for the year, we’re usually leaving our homes behind in search of adventure.

But how do you protect your home while you’re traveling? You don’t need me to tell you to lock your doors and windows, so here are another three ways to keep your home secure while you’re off having the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Make friends in the neighborhood (and tell them you’re leaving)

Having friends close by is great for your social life, but it’s also great for your house when you’re away! By connecting with others in the community and finding people you trust, you’ll have a whole village looking out for your property. Tell a trusted friend that you’ll be away and make sure they know the exact dates and how to get in touch with you. They won’t be standing outside your house 24/7 guarding your beloved dining room table, but they’ll know to keep an eye out for anything even remotely suspicious. Give them permission to get in touch with the authorities if they are unsure, and keep in touch with them occasionally to update them on any goings-on around the house they can expect (if your aunt is going to come do some gardening, for instance, you don’t want her being mistaken for an intruder!)

2. Have someone collect any packages or mail left outside

The first thing to tip off a potential intruder is piles of mail waiting at your front door. This immediately shows you haven’t been in to collect it for awhile. If you’ve made friends with your neighbors, it’s likely that someone will be open to grabbing any packages or mail from your doorstep and taking it inside to their house (or yours, if you feel comfortable giving them the key).

3. Install a home security system

Nowadays, you can watch your home from anywhere in the world via an app! Thank you, 21st century! Consider installing a Panasonic Smart home system, which will give you the freedom to monitor various parts of your house remotely, as well as turning off and on appliances and lights in case you find yourself having the age-old “have I closed the garage door?” debate.

Happy traveling!

This post was sponsored, but all writing and opinions are my own.