Tis the season to eat everything in sight, especially warm things as the weather has taken a turn for the FREEZING here recently (and there’s a bunch of snow out my window right now).

When winter rolls around, there’s nothing that Guy loves more than pie. That is all he talks about when we go out, all he wants when we’re at home, and all he orders at restaurants. So when Proper Little Pies asked if we’d like to try some of their adorable pies that we can cook in the comfort of our own kitchen, the answer was “yes, please send them like yesterday.”

There are three Proper Little Pies flavors (all sold in Waitrose): Steak & Ale, Chestnut Mushroom & Borlotti Bean and Spinach, Goat’s Cheese and Sweet Potato.

We tried the Steak & Ale and the Spinach pies, though Guy ate the Steak & Ale ones too quickly before I could stop him so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that box. You can find it easily on the Proper Little Pies website, though!

You get four pies in each package, and the packaging itself is super cool so you’ll feel a bit trendy while you’re waiting for them to cook.

These are how they look before they’re heated up. It takes about 20 minutes in the oven to make them nice and crispy on top and steaming on the inside.

Once they’re done, they are perfect for parties (small enough to pick up and carry around), or have a couple and made it a meal.

You can’t go wrong no matter what flavor you go for – each are flavorful and comforting in their own ways.

Let me know which ones you try (office Christmas party, anyone?) and wishing you all a very lovely pie-filled holiday season.