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For the past year, I have been trying various techniques to grow my e-mail list, and while I’ve gone from 0 to 1,200+, it was a SLOG.

Lots of begging, essentially, and trying to give away free things in exchange for signing up and manually adding people to e-mail courses and OH MY GOD, It’s painful to think about.

I say that to help you understand where I was at when I was approached by Interact Quiz Builder to become a partner and start using their quiz building lead generation tools. I was looking for an easier way to get people onto my e-mail list, and they were like “boom, here it is.”

I want to make it clear that while I have decided to partner with them, I do not partner with brands or tools that I don’t believe in because seriously, I do not have time for that.

I have had so much fun building my first quiz, though, that I need to share it with you.

How Does Interact Work?

Interact works by allowing you to create a quiz (think Buzzfeed style) that helps your readers answer a question (or tests them on their knowledge) and allows them to put down their e-mail address at the end in order to be e-mailed their results. They can also opt-out of putting their e-mail address if they want to, which is fantastic because you’re not forcing them to give you their e-mail address, you’ll know that they WANT to.

An Example of How I Create a Quiz

I chose to do my first quiz Disney-related in order to help encourage people to get on my Disney-related mailing list and join my Disney Facebook groups.

The best thing was that I just chose a template that Interact had already made and simply uploaded my own photos and changed the text. This made it SUPER easy to do and it took me 30 minutes to finish the entire thing for the first thing – faster each new one I do after getting familiar with the easy-to-use platform.

Here you can see an example of a question that I came up with and the answers. I chose the pictures from the database that Interact offers since I didn’t have anything that matched like I wanted it to, and it was a case of clicking the “Edit” button, uploading my own, putting their cropper tool over it to decide what part of the picture I wanted to show, and then, boom, done.

You can then chose which “Result” each question matches. The Result section is pre-populated with the Results you enter in the beginning of the process, and then it’s literally a couple of clicks and it clearly shows you which answer correlates to which results. This helps the tool spit out the answer for your reader.

Why I Recommend Interact

Building quizzes for lead generation purposes is genius because it gives your reader something to engage with. Once you’ve got them engaged, you’ve got a much better chance of getting their e-mail address for future communication.

It’s also unique to a lot of blogs. Yes, some websites do it, but they’re likely not expecting to see it on your travel/lifestyle/mom blog, and it adds an extra layer of professionalism and fun to your site. People don’t like to give their e-mail addresses for nothing (nor should they), and this really helps bloggers work towards growing their lists.

How You Can Sign Up For Interact

Interact offers multiple plans depending on what you need to use the quizzes for. You can even do a 14 day free trial to see if it works for you.

I would recommend either the Lite or the Growth plan, with the Growth giving you the most flexibility as a blogger and the Lite plan giving you the chance to get to grips with it and not spend as much.