Ambassador House versus Atlantic House: Richmond

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I’ve gotten so many questions about my residence hall while at Richmond, Ambassador House that I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on it.

The two main residence halls at Richmond are Atlantic House and Ambassador House. Atlantic House also houses the dining hall, offices, and the library and is considered the main building. The dorms in Atlantic house are more traditional dorms with shared bathrooms. The benefits of Atlantic House are the location (you just have to wander on downstairs for dinner rather than walking), and if you’re used to college dorms, it’s not a hugely different experience.

Ambassador House, located on Queen’s Gate Terrace, is on separate road that is about a 5-10 minute walk to Atlantic House depending on how fast you’re going or whether you’re late for breakfast. Ambassador House, in my experience, has slightly larger rooms than Atlantic. While it is still a ‘dorm,’ the feel is more of an apartment complex because of the layout of the hallways. Ambassador House has singles (reserved for RA’s or upperclassmen at the university, not study abroad students), doubles, and triples. With my triple, we had an ensuite bathroom that was just for our own use. Doubles had sinks in the room, but shared bathrooms with other residents more like a traditional dorm. Atlantic and Ambassador also have their own laundry facilities in the building.

Both Atlantic and Ambassador have common rooms, though Atlantic House’s is much bigger and has more to do. You must use your student card to swipe in at both. The classroom buildings are closer to Atlantic House, and the mail also comes to Atlantic House.

While I would personally recommend requesting Ambassador House, you won’t have a bad time either way. Study abroad is one of the very few times in your college experience where your living situations will matter the least to you. It seems like one of the biggest worries before you leave, but once you’re in London, where you sleep at night will hardly matter. As I mentioned, I lived in a triple, which meant three girls in one room. At home, this sounds like a nightmare, but it was completely fine and we didn’t have any issues.

There are also a few other residences that Richmond used to house study abroad students and university students in Kensington, but the large majority of study abroad students live in Atlantic or Ambassador.

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