Richmond: The American International University in London Review

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For more information about studying abroad, you can find a complete eBook on studying abroad in London here or e-mail me at Here is Richmond The American International University in London Review. 

Richmond: The American International University in London was the third university I studied abroad with, and I ended my senior year with them.

As a study abroad student, I lived on Richmond’s Kensington campus. Richmond also has its undergraduate campus in an area called Richmond (imagine that), but I only experienced Richmond’s Kensington campus, as it houses the majority of study abroad students, as well as Richmond’s upperclassman.

Richmond The American International University in London review

Queens Gate Terrace, London

Kensington is considered a ‘royal’ borough in London, famous for its museums and royal history and upper class residents. I lived in one of Richmond’s residence halls, Ambassador House, which was less than a 10 minute walk to the main building and dining hall and one of the most beautiful places I have ever called home. I mean, my road was called “Queen’s Gate Terrace” and at the corner is an Italian restaurant that was frequented by Princess Diana. Does it get better than that?

Plot twist: yes, it does!

Quite literally down the road from the campus is Hyde Park, London’s biggest park and home to Kensington Palace (Diana’s residence and Will and Kate’s current home). On more than on occasion, my friends and I basically ate lunch on Will and Kate’s front lawn, which I think is what people really mean when they refer to the “American dream.”

Richmond The American International University in London Review

Hyde Park, London

Kensington High Street, a popular street with almost every shop you can think of, is also close by and provided the perfect excuse to spend a few minutes hours shopping after class.

Richmond’s main building in Kensington, Atlantic House, houses the largest amount of students and also contains a dining room, large common room, computer lab, library, and student advisor offices.


Part of the dining room, lower level

The dining room was the perfect size for the amount of students, and there is an upstairs seating area that was usually a bit more quiet. The food was similar to what I have experienced in other dining halls, but many Fridays at Richmond were what we affectionately referred to as “Pizza and cookies” night. I’ll be honest, it was not uncommon to completely rearrange our Friday plans to make sure we were there.

The common room and computer labs were also larger than I expected and it’s a lifesaver to have a place to print travel tickets or final class papers.

Compared to other universities I’ve studied abroad with, Richmond’s advisors and staff were some of the most involved and helpful. They’re really trained to handle it all and knew each of us by name even when we first arrived. Luckily I didn’t need to use their expertise for any major issues, but I felt completely safe knowing that they were there if I did.

As mentioned, their offices are in Atlantic House right before the dining hall, so they were never far and always popped in to meals to say hi and see how everyone was doing.Richmond residence life staff also work really hard to put on programs and excursions for students, and there was rarely a night without an event on for whoever was interested.

To be honest, Richmond’s Kensington campus is in such an amazing location that they could probably rest on that laurel if they wanted to. But the great part about Richmond is they don’t. They’ve worked hard to make their campus welcoming and active, which goes a long way to make their international and study abroad students feel comfortable participating in activities. I would definitely recommend Richmond to anyone, and if you do decide to go, please let me in for pizza night.

For any questions about my experience with Richmond, email me at and I’ll be happy to answer!

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3 years ago

I am leaving for my own study abroad experience at Richmond in less that 30 days! This was really a really helpful description of the campus/facilities, thank you!


3 years ago

That’s awesome, Kayla! You’re going to have such an amazing time, enjoy every minute! 🙂

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