The other day, someone asked me what I’d like to be remembered for, and while it can be hard for me to wrap my head around at the ripe old age of 25 (I’m planning on living until 125 so that’s at least 100 years left), it did get me thinking. One day I’ll need to get myself down to someone like the Slater Gordon lawyers to get myself an actual will done up, but today I’m thinking more broadly (no, no one can have my Disney collection, that will be buried with me THANKS).

In a way, I created this website as a way to leave my mark – I’ve always wanted to write a book (in the works), but a blog was an in-between sort of way to let my voice be heard and tell the stories of the places I’ve been. I have no idea what will become of the internet in the next decades or hundreds or thousands of years, but I like to think that – just like any embarrassing photos you took when you were 16 and posted on MySpace, the internet holds on to everything forever in some way, shape, or form!

Mostly, I’d like my legacy to be in the people I can help – whether that’s in the people who regularly e-mail me for advice about being a student or living in London, bloggers that I’m starting to coach who aspire to work with brands and make money from their blog like I do, or people who read my articles on my experiences (including the not so great ones) and feel like they’re not alone.

Travel blogging is a great way, in fact, to broaden people’s horizons and encourage people to go and explore. I work really hard to make sure we don’t make our mark too much on the actual places we visit (leave it as you found it!), but it’s such a nice outlet to come back to my little corner of the world and write about the things I’ve seen and show pictures and videos of the stories that unfolded.

In the New Year, I’m going to be upping my posting frequency on Girl Gone London and really trying to document as much as possible. I hope you’ll join me on my new adventures! So far, I’ve got a trip to Malaga, a trip to the French Alps, and a trip to Florida lined up! And that’s not including the Disneyland Paris trip in just a few weeks, plus another trip to Florida (Disney World, Here. I. COME!)

What would you like to be remembered for? Let me know in the comments!

In collaboration with Slater Gordon lawyers, #ALegacyofMe