45 Inspirational Design Photos from Chip and Jo’s Magnolia Silos

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Whether you’re a hardcore Gaines family fan or you just know them as that “one couple from Fixer Upper,” it’s safe to say that America is obsessed with these design and home building gurus.

Joanna’s gorgeous farmhouse designs have taken the world by storm and they have transformed Waco, Texas into a design lovers paradise.

One of the best places to get inspired by Chip and Jo’s design aesthetic is of course, the Magnolia Silos.

This family-friendly destination in Waco includes Magnolia Market, a giant shopping complex filled with beautiful items for your home, as well as a bakery, food trucks, an outdoor play area, and of course the silos themselves.

I’ve written a review of the Silos at Magnolia from a visitor’s perspective, but this time I wanted to focus on bringing you the most inspirational design photos from the way they have created, built, and designed Magnolia.

Use these to do a visual walk through of your own home and think about the way your colors, furniture, and structure blends together to create an atmosphere.

And if you’re hoping to imitate Jo’s designs, scroll through these photos while watching a few episodes of Fixer Upper to make sure you’re nailing it!

Outdoor Space

The outdoor spaces at Magnolia encouraged interaction and togetherness.

Gorgeous picnic tables allowed you to eat together as a family, while the green lawn with toys and bean bag chairs allowed you to pull up a seat with your friends or enjoy a game together.

Everything felt rustic and down-to-earth with a bit of fun mixed in.

Magnolia Market

The farm buildings turned shop at Magnolia Market had a chic, industrial look with enormously high ceilings and beautiful home décor everywhere you turned.

The design aesthetic changed as you wandered through the different sections, with lots of rustic wood and black and brown colors in Chip’s Corner and lots of tile and black and white in the farmhouse kitchen area.

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The products on sale at the market are also a great way to think about the design of your rooms and how to decorate them.

From rustic spoon holders for the kitchen to Chip’s book that makes a great coffee table read, the variety of items on offer can make you rethink the things in your home and how to display items in a way that celebrates them and adds to your home rather than creating clutter.


The Silos at Magnolia are a great example of the tone you can create with some lighting elements.

The white lights strung above the Silos helped to create a magical feeling on the entire property, while the commitment to an open air play area and the natural lighting of the Texas sun helped create a sense of energy.

The lighting in Magnolia Market, lights strung over your head, softened the look of the warehouse and made you feel inspired rather than overwhelmed.

Any design lover should take a trip to Magnolia at the Silos to really soak in all of the different elements that blend together to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere where farmhouse meets industrial and rustic meets modern.

Use these images to help design your own home and encourage you to take chances and try new things when it comes to your home décor.

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