I have to be honest and say that the vast majority of my inspiration to live and travel abroad comes from the movies. Life always looks just that much grander on the big screen, and I love watching movies to do with everything from airports to expats to vacations to foreign travel. My college roommate and I had a ton of travel and adventure quotes posted in our room, many from the classics, and I remember sneaking down to the lounge to watch Casablanca and dream of all the places we could go.

In honor of Warner Bro’s new Iconic Moments Collection, here are my two of my favorite iconic moments from classic travel/expat films!



There are so many amazing Casablanca moments. Released in 1942, it’s an American classic following expat Rick Blaine during his time in Casablanca. Lots of romance, lots of history, and lots of memorable quotes. But my favorite of all time is in the final scene when Rick is seeing Ilsa off on the plane and ends their time together with the iconic, “We’ll always have Paris.” He knows they’ll be better apart and that she must go without him, but he’s reminding her that they’ll be together in their memories. Can I get an ‘awwwwwwwww,’?

I’ve stolen the line many times to refer to the times my friends and I have spent travelling. Though it’s not meant in quite the same way, the idea is that a place or an experience in a place with someone else can change you forever, so no matter where in the world you end up, you’ll always have those good times.

North by Northwest

North by Northwest is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, and it’s a Hitchcock classic. Released in 1959, the action thriller film features a mistaken identity and lots of traipsing around America as advertising executive Roger Thornhill finds that he is mistaken for a spy. Okay, so it’s not about travel specifically, but I’ve always considered it one as it features lots of amazing scenery and an awesome view of Mount Rushmore! Travel bucket list, please! (Though hopefully not while I’m on the run, thanks!)

Of course my favorite moment in the film is when Roger is holding on to the side of Mount Rushmore while talking to his love interest, Eve, and running from the ‘bad guys.’ She asks him why his previous marriages failed, to which he replied that his ex wives thought he “lived too dull a life.” Aside from the great moment between the characters and the absurdity of this conversation happening on the side of Mount Rushmore, it’s a real reminder for the rest of us to make the most out of our lives and keep searching for the next adventure.

What’s your most iconic film moment?

On 5th September 2016 Warner Bros UK. launched the Iconic Moments Collection, a beautifully matching packaged set of 22 standout titles celebrating the breadth of their catalogue. Each of the releases has fantastic new artwork built around one of the most memorable lines from the film.