This past week, I’ve gotten home from a great trip to Copenhagen, come down with a pretty bad cold, and run a 10k with said cold. My 10k time was horrible and I was slower than a 73 year old man who had triple bypass surgery (no, literally, he was right in front of me), but I didn’t collapse, so it’s the little victories.

Anyways, I’m thoroughly worn out, which makes me want to stuff my face with comfort food. With that in mind, let’s continue our “How to Solve American Food Cravings with Copycat Recipes” series with another installment!

1. Twinkies

I’ve never had a twinkie, actually, but the culture around Twinkies is undeniable. It’s definitely associated as “American food” and referenced in many movies and articles about American obesity. I would argue that the actual American love for Twinkies is a bit more reigned in than that, but there is a World Twinkie Eating Championship, so maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, if you want to see what the fuss is all about or if you are a self-identified expat Twinkie-lover, this recipe’s for you.

2. Ore-Ida Tater Tots

The UK has some amazing potato products. Potato waffles. Potato smiles. French fries. Baked potatoes. Hashbrowns. But apparently no one was willing to just smush a bunch of potato into a ball and fry it, because I can’t find proper American tater-tots anywhere. This is a problem for my stomach, as I was basically raised on a diet of tater tots and grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve found a solution with this recipe

3. Ding Dongs

dingdongs Made by the same company as Twinkies, Ding Dongs are ridiculously named snack cakes. But they’re our ridiculously named snack cakes, and if you want to make them outside the US, you can do so and then send some to me.

4. 3 Musketeer Bars

A common American candy bar with a chocolate outside and fluffy chocolate filling, 3 Musketeer Bars were common in every teacher’s “prize grab bag” and have been handed on out Halloween for decades. You can buy these in imported sections in UK shops, but if you’re not into spending 5 pounds on a candy bar, you can make them your own as well.

5. Bloomin Onion

I’ve clearly saved the best for last, because it is in the Constitution that all Americans must love Bloomin Onions from Outback Steakhouse. Outback is fun in and of itself (because there is nothing more exciting than pretending you’re in the Australian wilderness while in a dimly lit restaurant in the Florida suburbs) but the Bloomin Onion is legendary.


I’m not saying that my best friend and I have gone to Outback just for a bloomin Onion and then left, but…maybe. All you have to do to have your own bloomin onion at home is to save up two days of calories, attach a plastic kangaroo holding a boomrang to the wall (atmosphere), and dive in.