Giving Up on Blogging: Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About It

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When searching for topics to post about, I found that “giving up on blogging” has almost 7 MILLION results. My heart instantly sank for all of the people thinking of quitting their creative outlet.







But I get it. I’ve been in the blogging game for about three years. What started as an outlet for creativity eventually turned into a money-making opportunity, the desire to grow my own business, and lots of opportunities to learn new skills.

Recently, I was going back through my earlier posts on Girl Gone London the other day and my first instinct was to cringe SO HARD. “My pictures are so small,” I thought. “This post isn’t SEO-optimized in the least.” There are no Pinterest pins, no options to share, and at the time I was blogging on rather than

I felt so embarrassed that they were still up for the whole world to see.

And then I realized.

When I posted those first posts, I was so proud. Sharing my posts across my personal Facebook and being excited by any view that came my way. I remember the very first “friends” I made through the comments, as they commented on my material and I responded in kind on theirs.

I was having so much fun and I had the least traffic and blogging skills than at any other point in my blogging career.

Because, at that time, it wasn’t a career or a hopeful career. It was just a way to make people laugh and let my voice be heard.

Today, I still run Girl Gone London, but the content has changed drastically than the humorous articles it started as. I worry about traffic, SEO, how often I’ve posted on Twitter, whether that brand will work with me or not.

Sometimes, writing posts feels like a massive chore. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you find yourself struggling with where your blogging is at, I’ve got 5 things I want you to do.

Don’t Give Up Blogging: What to Do Instead

1. Cut back on how often you post

One of the most overwhelming things about blogging is actually producing the content. But this can take hours, and even days for some people PER post. As long as you keep it regular, go ahead and cut back on how often you post!

I used to post 3-4 times a week, but this is just not sustainable with my current schedule. And that’s okay. I don’t have to beat myself up over it. I just make sure to post 1 quality article per week that’s fully SEO-optimized with great pictures, links, and content.

You might think that you won’t find success as fast as others who are posting more often, but trust me when I say that you’ll find way more success this way than letting yourself burnout because you just can’t muster an article or a day or every other day.

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And furthermore, more content doesn’t equal a better blog. Hardly any of the articles I wrote back when I was cranking out content were actually good and they’ve all fallen by the wayside. Whereas a post I wrote a month ago is already on the front page of Google for a couple keyword searches and brings me consistent traffic every day.

You can always start publishing more articles in the future – nothing has to be permanent. Just give yourself the permission to step back a bit.

2. Remember why you started

Behind every blogger, there’s a reason you started blogging besides “I want to make money.” And if that was the reason – you’re in the wrong game and should go play the lottery instead.

For me, it was because I needed a project to focus on and a creative outlet for a time in my life when I was a bit “stuck.” I also love to write and create content and connect with people in that way, so it was a natural fit for me.

Reconnect with those original things that made blogging FUN.

Lately I’ve found it super fun to blog about Disney, as it fits perfectly with my travel blog and is a topic I’m passionate about. Sure, I make sure to do all of the “right” blogging techniques to make sure it’s a post I’m proud of, but it doesn’t feel like a chore at all because I’m sharing information about something I LOVE and want other people to get to experience.

Whatever your reason for starting – write them down and refer to them when you’re sitting there with your head in your hands ready to give up.

3. Join a new blogging group or reach out to blogging friends

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of encouragement from other people who know what we’re going through.

One option is to reach out to your existing blogging groups and friends and say, “Hey, I’m feeling this way.” You’ll get tips, support, and loads of people who I guarantee will tell you they’ve felt exactly the same way.

In fact, if you do a search in a blogging group for the words “giving up on blogging,” “want to quit,” you could spend a whole afternoon reading other people’s woes. It’s not uncommon!

The second thing to do is mix it up a bit! Request to join some new blogging groups. You’re always welcome in my group, Explode Your Blog Traffic, comprised of super friendly bloggers who just want to support each other.

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Add some new people to your blogging friends circle and use their enthusiasm and energy and stories to get you going again.

4. Share with your friends and family

If you’ve got supportive friends and family (or even just one), talk to them!

It can be SO easy to compare yourself to other bloggers and get down on yourself over your lower traffic, lower income, lower social media stats, etc. But to other people in your social circle who aren’t in your blogging world, the fact that you’re being so bold and have your own website and followers (even if it’s 10 of them) is AWESOME.

A lot of us start out by sharing thing with our family and friends and then slowly revert away from this the bigger we get. And that’s fine, I don’t really think my family and friends care about some things I post on this site like how to use software they’ve never heard of and why they should be e-mailing their non-existent lists constantly.

But if you’re feeling down on yourself, let them pick you up and share some of your more recent articles.

5. Give yourself permission to take some time off

If all of the above seem like they won’t work and you just want to step away, I’ve been there too. I’ve had periods where I just left my blog for months at a time without posting or really caring that much. I needed the break for my sanity, because I was running myself into the ground and had lost all hope about making it successful.

I just wanted it to go away and stop nagging me at every turn.

So, go for it. Take some time off. Your Twitter will still be there when you get back. Your Pinterest followers aren’t going anywhere. Google will still be crawling your site and boosting you in the rankings if you’ve done some things to optimize your posts.

The world will continue on.

It can be hard to get back into it after taking some time off, but equally it can be the easiest thing in the world. Once you’re refreshed and ready to come back to it with a clear mind, jump right in and start again.

Just don’t give up completely. Take a pause. You can do this. You deserve to do this, for yourself and for all the people who love reading your insights and thoughts on the world. Be kind to yourself and it will get easier.

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Blume Bauer

1 year ago

While I’m not in the “giving up” stage yet, it is hard when there is little momentum. I had a brilliant success with one blog and got 900+ views in one day. I was over the moon and then here I am several months later and it’s never happened again. It’s nice to read this and remember why I blog in the first place. I love to tell stories! I love to talk about the places I go and I love to share photos. For me, blogging is like having someone over and pulling out the photo album to tell them all about each place I’ve been and the people I’ve met. I feel inspired!


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