People find this blog in a few different ways: following me on Twitter, clicking on my profile when I shamelessly self promote in Facebook groups, being my mother, or by searching on Google.

Of course, no one actually searches for ‘Girl Gone London’ on Google because I’m not that famous. That leaves me with a bunch of people who find me through other search terms, some of which Google reveals to me because Google tracks everything and totally knows what you’re doing right now.

And now.

Oh, and now.

Firstly, welcome to those people! I’ve gone ahead and made an easy guide for you depending on how you got here, based on my most popular searches:

1. Introvert studying abroad

No problem! I was one too! You can read more about my experiences here.

2. American expat in London

Hello! That is me! You have successfully reached an American expat in London! If you want more information on being an American expat in London, feel free to contact me. Or just read the site.

3. Beans on toast recipe

Right, okay, so first you need to make a piece of toast (using a toaster). Then you open a can of beans and pour them on. Done.

4. Scared of terrorism

Don’t be! Read my article on continuing to travel through terrorism here.

5. Bonfire stalls tips for girls

I’m struggling to figure out what this actually means, but I think it has to do with events on Bonfire night. I just googled the search term and found my article as the second option. So, maybe I should make some bonfire stalls tips for girls?!

6. British money

This isn’t so much a query as a statement, but if you want to know how I manage my British money, you can find that here.

7. American girl for visa

Unfortunately for you, my English fiance has already beat you to this one so keep looking.

8. London girls who help me to go to london

At first this made no sense to me, and then I realized that this basically my blog in a nutshell. Thanks for that.

9. American driving in UK

DON’T DO IT! Just kidding, do! But be careful. Drive like a grandma. Here’s how I learned (lots of screaming involved).

10. Richmond University Kensington Campus

Richmond University was one of the places I did a study abroad semester at, and I highly recommend them! Read my review here.