Hello, kind people of the internet! How is life? Ready for the summer? What are your plans? (Please tell me you’re going on an awesome vacation so I can live vicariously through you, THANK YOU).

I thought that I should check in, as I’ve dropped the ball on interacting on many of your fabulous blogs lately, so I didn’t want you to think that I have died and am posting guest articles from the great beyond. Your blogs are still fabulous, by the way. It’s not you, it’s me.

You see, I’m the kind of person who is constantly looking for ‘projects’ and/or odd jobs. I seem incapable of just sitting back and going, “Wow, what a lovely day, let me celebrate by relaxing.” No. I feel this stupid need to fill EVERY WAKING MOMENT with attempting to achieve something. This trait has gotten me far in life, but it also leads to burn out and then wanting to quit EVERYTHING instead of living my life in moderation like a normal person. If you haven’t noticed, I’m an “all-in” or “all out” kind of person.

And lately I’ve been “all-in.”

A few weeks after I got back from America, I started a full time job working with American study abroad students. I won’t be writing about my job here, but you can rest assured that 1)it’s perfect for me and I genuinely love it and feel as though I’ve found a career that doesn’t feel like ‘going to work’ and 2)I spend the vast majority of my time commuting and otherwise at the office.

Guy and I have also started a wedding video company to put his video skills to use and my PR skills. He does the actual legwork at the weddings (which is good because he is much more charming and sociable than I am and also understands how to use a camera, whereas I just sort of yell at him to ‘make it work’

On top of that, we’re in the process of buying an apartment, which is exciting and also daunting. My article on house buying was written out of experience, but luckily we’ve found somewhere that we both like in a nice area. Also, it is very likely that it is our ‘forever home’ as there is NO WAY I am going through this process again. Cross your fingers for us. Oh and never move to the UK because DEAR GOD we could have had a mansion in Florida for what we’re paying for an APARTMENT. STILL BITTER.

On top of THAT, I’ve started to try my hand at freelance copywriting, as I feel like I might as well get paid for something I’m going to do anyways. I’ve tried a few of the ‘content mill’ type sites with lukewarm success, and soon I think I’ll create my own freelance website and try pitching to my own clients that pay more than the sad money many clients offer without realizing how much work goes into copywriting.

And if this weren’t all enough, I’m back in the babysitting game to save money for this hare-brained house buying idea we had, and I’m attempting to write a young adult fiction novel.

So, like I said, I lack the ability to say ‘no,’ and in fact go out and actively pursue more projects for my plate to keep myself busy. If you happen to see me whizzing by you like the Tasmanian devil, leaving a pile of half-edited papers and To-Do lists in my wake, please stop me and point me back in the direction of sanity.

Anyways, tell me, how are you?