Life in London has been pretty hectic lately. Whether you’re just finishing up your university exams, constantly refreshing BBC online to figure out what the government has been up to lately (a lot of craziness–that’s what), or just wishing the sunshine would show itself a bit more, we could all use a night off.

London’s nightlife has always been a haven for residents and tourists alike, but one particular club has recently been making headlines across the city. Located in South Kensington (one of my absolute favorite parts of London), Montezuma has just won its title as the “Best Boutique Club” and was featured as club of the month in British GQ.


Named after the Aztec emperor, Montezuma is a sleek and stylish club that combines deep golden colors with fashionable clientele and late night dancing for a proper night out. Say goodbye to awkwardly standing around your neighbour’s house party at 3am or worrying about catching a disease from all of the grime in some of London’s lesser clubs. Montezuma is a chance to enjoy a night of luxury in one of the most beautiful parts of town. They also host specially themed events throughout the year to help you make the most of London after dark.

But, wait, how do you get into Montezuma without all of the hassle (and price tag) that usually comes with a night out? Wouldn’t it be so great if you could just have a table all to yourself and spend some time with your friends? Yes, yes it would! So you’ll be SO glad to know I’ve teamed up with Velvet PR to help you out!

What’s the deal?

Velvet PR are London’s leading nightclub promoters who work to connect people and clubs across the city. They want you to experience a fun night out at Montezuma, so we’re working together to stage a giveaway! Seriously, you guys, I am about to give something away Oprah-style so it’s all dreams come true for both me and the winner!

What do I win?

You and a group of 7 or more of your closest friends will get a private table at Montezuma on a Friday or Saturday night (can you say classy), as well as a free bottle of vodka and mixers (sidenote: PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY, THANK YOU!). It’s worth around 500 pounds, so you’re going to want to read more on how to enter.

I am in! How do I enter?

Okay, so we’re going to keep this simple. All you need to do is find the below picture on my Instagram, @girlgonelondon. Follow my feed (full of travel inspiration) and leave a comment with your favorite thing about London. The competition will end on Friday, 8 July at midnight, and I’ll then select a winner at random as long as you have followed the rules. SIMPLE!
Good luck!


What else do I need to know?

  • You and all your guests must be over 18 and bring ID
  • Groups of less than 8 may have to share table
  • Anyone who turns up too intoxicated may be refused entry.
  • Free entry for girls is before 11.30pm and guys pay £20 entrance fee. If the winner is a guy, he does not pay for the entrance