One of the things I did not anticipate after buying a house was just how hard it would be to decorate it. Not hard in a “this is a difficult process” kind of way, but hard in a “wow, how are there so many choices and yet also none at all and does this couch pillow make my butt look big?” kind of way.

This is especially true when it comes to decorating a house in England, as I feel like my choices are more limited than in the States where I can just rock up to a Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn and get adorable things for my house without paying my non-existent first born child.

But, luckily for me, American expats are here to save the day. JK Pike, run by a British husband/American wife team, aims to bring locally sourced and quality furniture and decor into your home without an extortionate price tag.

I’m now about to buy ALL OF THE THINGS, but before I do, here are some of my favorites:

1. Vintage Mason Jar Lamp


I don’t know what it is about mason jars, but they’re totally my thing and I need this lamp now. This would look amazing in my rustic themed office, or maybe in the kitchen!

2. Vintage Style Coffee Tin

JK-Pike I will not shut up about how much I want separate coffee/flour/sugar tins for the kitchen because I truly think that the difference between a classy person and a regular person is how they store these basic kitchen items. These particular ones are spacious enough to actually HOLD the ingredient in question rather than just play the part of pretending to hold them.

3. Christmas Pot Holders

JK-PikeWe’re a Christmas-all year kind of household (I’ve had the same Merry Christmas sign up for a year, and it’s not just because of laziness!). Even if you are a Christmas-when-it’s-actually-Christmas kind of person, JK Pike’s Christmas decorations are super cute and I am in love. These are the most sophisticated Christmas pot holders around, with just enough pattern to make them festive and fun. It hangs so perfectly off my oven and I feel like pre-jail Martha Stewart over here.


4. Chest Coffee Table

JK-PikeWith a first house of your own comes the need to purchase a lot of furniture to finally have a ‘look’ of your own rather than the ‘hand-me-down’ chic we’ve had going on for a few years. Coffee tables are surprisingly hard for me to find, as I feel like I always find the boring ones that look like a slab of wood stuck in the middle of the room. This chest coffee table is absolutely perfect for what we want. It’s got plenty of character, lovely natural colors, and I have a sneaking suspicion there may be pirate’s golden hidden somewhere in there.

5. Dalston Mango Wood Bedside Table

JK-PikeWe’re going to get matching bedside tables for our bedroom because apparently that’s what adults do and we’re taking this adulting thing for a spin. I’ve got my eye on these ones, which will match almost any color and are a nice size to have a bit of space but not feel like they’re the center of the room.

6. Elf Doll

JK-PikeThis is the cutest Christmas decoration ever, I can’t stop myself from picking her up and screaming “LOOK HOW ADORABLE SHE IS” every time I walk past. As it’s our first Christmas in our new house, we needed some Christmas decoration that were ours and could start a tradition for us. We found it in this elf doll, and I’ve been experimenting with where she should go in the house.

I really like her on the banister, but she also brightens up a rainy day on the windowsill.

JK-PikeThanks so much to JK Pike for sending the Christmas decorations for review.