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Tips on Finding a Job in London

So you’ve just arrived in London, ‘The Big Smoke’, ready to make your mark on this big, beautiful city. But how to go about finding a job to help fund the many adventures you want to have whilst you’re here?…

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Le Blaireau Review – Careys Manor

During our recent stay at Careys Manor (read my review here,) we got to experience a three-course dinner at its on-site French restaurant, Le Blaireau. Access to the restaurant is both from within the hotel, as well as this cute entrance…

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Breakfast Buffets in the UK

Breakfast buffets in the UK. I have to say that I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but a few weeks ago, my whole world changed. It was my birthday and Guy was looking for ways to make…

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Honest Italian Review

Last week, I got the chance to combine two of my favorite things: London and pizza. And let’s just get one thing straight: I’m not a casual pizza lover. No, I am a pizza aficionado, a coneseuir, an expert in…

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London Christmas Map

Christmas is fast approaching, and that means London is never more filled with holiday spirit than now. From Christmas markets to ice rinks (so many to choose from), you’ll have no problem staying busy all this week finding fun things…