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Is there a Costco in the UK?

Ah, Costco. The famous wholesale retailer that Americans adore. I have fond memories of basically eating dinner while strolling through the free sample aisles, and when I first moved to England, I was definitely one of those people looking up……

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Is there a Wendy’s in the UK?

Hello, hamburger loving friends! If you’ve come to this site wondering, “Is there a Wendy’s in the UK?” or maybe even, “Is there a Wendy’s in London?” then I have just the article you’re searching for. First of all, Wendy’s…

ASDA in the UK
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Is there a Walmart in the UK?

Hi, Walmart loving friends! Most likely, you’re here because you looked up, “Is there a Walmart in London” or “Is there a Walmart in the UK” (London is basically what every American thinks of when they think of the UK,…

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Is there a Target in London?

This post may contain affiliate links.  Hello, Target loving people! You are probably here because you googled the inevitable question every self-respecting American coming to London Googles: “Is there a Target in London?” And the answer is, sadly, no. There’s…