The Definitive Guide to the Best Rides to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios in 2019

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It’s no secret in the Disney community that Hollywood Studios is up for some big changes in late 2019 with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But seeing as how the Galaxy’s Edge rides aren’t supposed to be open to Fastpass for awhile, this guide to the best rides to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios is very much accurate and up to date.

If you’re not familiar with the history of Fastpasses at Hollywood Studios, you should know that this park has undergone many changes over the years as Disney decides what it wants to do with it. At one point, the “how to make a movie” theme was very much at the forefront with the Studio Backlot Tour, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and a cars stunt show that is no longer there.

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As the years went on, movies themselves started coming to Hollywood Studios with the Pixar Land and opening of Toy Story Mania, and then you had rides like Rock N Rollercoaster with Aerosmith. In other words, there was no real “theme” to this park.

Regardless, many people now find with the addition of Toy Story Land, that Hollywood Studios is considered a full-day park when people might have only spent half a day in there in the past.

And with any full day park comes a full day of Fastpasses!

What is Fastpass +?

Fastpass + is Disney World’s system that allows every guest to initially choose up to 3 “cut the line” experiences per park per day.

All rides with Fastpass + will have a separate entrance for guests with a valid Fastpass.

When you choose Fastpasses, you book a given hour time slot, and can return to the ride within this window to use the Fastpass.

After you’ve used up all 3 Fastpasses for the day, you may start choosing additional rides to Fastpass (if any slots are available). You can choose one at a time (so choose one, use it, then choose another, use it, choose another, etc).

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How do I make Fastpass choices for Hollywood Studios?

To make Fastpass choices online, you need to log onto your My Disney Experience account and make sure your park tickets are linked.

You can then make Fastpass choices via the App or website 30 days in advance if you are not staying on Disney property and 60 days in advance if you are staying on Disney property.

You can also make Fastpass selections in Animal Kingdom at dedicated Fastpass kiosks on the day of your Hollywood Studios adventure.

Can I Change My Fastpass Choices for Hollywood Studios?

Yes! You can always modify a Fastpass + reservation either on the website, via the App, or at a Fastpass + kiosk in the park, assuming there are slots left to modify to.

Can I Get More Than Three Fastpass for Hollywood Studios?

You can choose three initial Fastpass + experiences for Hollywood Studios, but once you use them all, you can book additional Fastpass experiences (one at a time) through the App, website, or kiosk.

Best Tier 1 Hollywood Studios Fastpasses

The three rides in Tier 1 at Hollywood Studios are the three Toy Story Land rides: Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, and Toy Story Mania.

The most obvious choice is to get a fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash, but as one of the hardest Fastpasses to get at Hollywood Studios, you should still check out my guide to the Tier 1 Fastpasses at Hollywood studios below.

I also have a full guide to Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios so you can also figure out what else is there and how much of your time it should take up. 

Slinky Dog Dash

As a family rollercoaster and the most “thrilling” ride in Hollywood Studios, Slinky Dog Dash is one of the most popular rides to try and get a Fastpass for at Hollywood Studios, and you should put it at the top of your list.

This ride has you zipping and zagging through Andy’s playground while on Slinky Dog, and the theming of the line is one of the best themed queues in all of Disney World.

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It’s also a bit more thrilling that you would think a “family-rollercoaster” would be, so Dad will probably still enjoy it even if he groans about wanting to go on Tower of Terror again instead.

The best way to get a Fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash is to be on the system as SOON as your Fastpass booking window opens, or for continually refreshing the app while you’re in the park to see if one becomes available.

Another benefit of getting a Fastpass is if you’re riding in the summer – one of the best ways to stay cool at Disney World is to avoid standing in lines exposed to the sun, a lot of which Slinky Dog is. 

Alien Swirling Saucers

Alien Swirling Saucers is the other ride that opened with Toy Story Land in 2018 in Hollywood Studios. Quite frankly, despite the hype over the initial opening (everyone loves a new ride), this is the last ride I would get a Fastpass for in Tier 1 at Hollywood Studios.

First of all, the ride attracts less of a line than Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash, and you can basically see what the entire ride is from inside Toy Story Land – a short, tea-cup style ride that whips you around a few times.

It’s much more carnival-ride esque than the interactive and better themed Toy Story Mania or the family rollercoaster of Slinky Dog Dash. Okay, but not worth spending loads of time or a Fastpass on unless you just want to try all the rides in Toy Story Land or you have kids who would be delighted to get motion sick for about 2 minutes before stumbling off to the next thing.

Toy Story Mania

I hold a special place in my heart for Toy Story Mania, and it’s the second ride after Slinky Dog Dash I would get a Fastpass for in Tier 1.

This ride is older than the new Toy Story Land, but the entrance and line were reworked so that you now enter from Toy Story Land as opposed to the old Pixar Land area.

This is truly a family-favorite and everyone will enjoy playing the interactive arcade games as you zoom around through Andy’s room and meet all of his friends.

Lines for this can get long, so don’t pass up a Fastpass for this.

Best Tier 2 Fastpasses at Hollywood Studios

After you’ve figured out the best rides to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios for Tier 1, depending on your family’s preferences and what’s available, it’s time to choose your other 2 Fastpasses from Tier 2.

I’ve listed each Tier 2 Fastpass option below, with my commentary on what you should Fastpass. If you just want the Sparknotes version, consider Fastpasses Tower of Terror, Rock n Rollercoaster, Star Tours or Fantasmic.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

One of the benefits of Hollywood Studios for thrill seekers is that there are a lot to be had – including the classic ride, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

If you haven’t been on it before and are wondering if you should take the kids on, just know that it does involve a “freefall” feeling drop and is definitely not for those scared of thrill rides like me! The doors even open at the top so you can see out over the park and it is a sight to behold for the brave.

Because this is such an iconic and popular Disney World ride, it’s one of the best rides at Hollywood Studios to Fastpass in Tier 2.

Rock n Rollercoaster

Arguably the most intense rollercoaster on Disney property, Rock n Rollercoaster goes upside down, in the dark, and has a beginning that will take you from 0 miles an hour to about 60 in like 4 seconds.

Again, you’ll never find me in the line for this ride, but if this is your thing, it’s a great Fastpass to get for Hollywood Studios as the line can get very, very long and it is entirely indoors so the weather doesn’t affect it (meaning it’s not going to shut down because of weather and dump all of the people out of line like some other rides).

Also, if you’re an Aerosmith fan, you can indulge yourself in a bit of Aerosmith blasting in your ears whie you’re on the ride and enjoy the Aerosmith themed queue.

It also does tend to break down relatively often in my experience, so having a Fastpass for it will mean that if it does break down, you could get an “anytime use” Fastpass out of it to use on the rollercoaster or on another ride.

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Not everyone will agree with me on this one, but if you have plans to see Hollywood Studios’ nighttime show, Fantasmic, it’s worth getting a Fastpass for, especially if the thrill rides above don’t appeal to you.

People line up well in advance of the doors opening to this outdoor amphitheatre, and having a Fastpass means that you can simply walk in during your window and get a better seat than people who just show up last minute.

Again, I’m not saying this is the BEST use of a Fastpass at Hollywood Studios, but what I am saying is that it’s nice to have a bit more time and room to get yourself situated if you aren’t a thrillseeker or find yourself at the end of your first 3 Fastpases with some Fantasmic Fastpasses open.

Journey of the Little Mermaid

This indoor show takes you on a 17 minute journey through Ariel’s world, and while I have a soft spot in my heart for this slightly outdated, slightly subpar Disney experience, there’s no way you should waste a Fastpass for it as you can simply walk onto the next show most times.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the longest running stageshow at Hollywood Studios, having been opened in 1991, and it’s a cute romp through Beauty and the Beast’s world with some of the major classic performed in a Broadway style.

I highly recommend this show, but not to get a Fastpass for. Just get in line a bit before the next show and walk on in. The only reason to get a Fastpass would be if you wanted to sit super super close because you have a particular Beauty and the Beast loving fan in your household.

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

This simulator puts you right in the heart of the Star Wars world and has you fighting battles, flying away from danger and saving lives. It’s a great ride for any Star Wars fan at Hollywood Studios, and the queue in particular is well done.

As far as figuring out which rides to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios, this is a good one to get a Fastpass for IF you already have ones for (or don’t want to ride) Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror.

The wait time at Star Tours tends to be more up and down, rather than consistently heavy like the other rides, so get a Fastpass if it’s at the top of your to-do list, but don’t freak out if you don’t have one as you’ll still be able to find a manageable wait time at some point during the day.

Disney Junior Dance Party

While anyone can attend the Disney Junior Dance Party, it’s geared towards young children who are familiar with the Disney Junior characters.

You don’t need a Fastpass for this – just look at the showtimes and then attend.

Muppet Vision 3D

I love Muppet Vision 3D and it’s a cute family 3D show at Hollywood Studios where you watch the Muppet gang generally fall all over themselves in their adorable clumsiness. There are jokes, there’s Ms. Piggy in a field of flowers – there’s everything you want when it comes to the Muppets.

And luckily for you, you don’t need a Fastpass for this one either – it runs on a continuous loop so just walk in and you’ll be in the next showing.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Stunt Spectacular

There’s something magical about the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, even though it’s one of the oldest shows at Hollywood Studios. Not only is it riveting to watch real stunts being performed live on stage, but the atmosphere can be electric and there quite a few gags spread throughout to keep you entertained.

This show has fewer showtimes than some others due to the nature of what’s involved and how intricate and serious the stunts are, but you don’t need a Fastpass for this either. Just walk in and grab a seat in the giant outdoor theatre a little bit before showtime.

One thing you should know about this show is that it is affected by serious weather or heavy rain, as part of it takes place outside of the covered area and the water affects the ground which needs to be a certain way for stunts to be safely performed on it.

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