It is widely known that most of the world thinks Americans are generally poor eaters. I don’t help this stereotype much by constantly explaining how much I love Poptarts, of course, but I would like to take this moment to lovingly point out that the UK should not be throwing stones on this particular issue. Let’s explore.


1. Heinz Baked Beans


Beans on everything. Baked potato? Have some beans. Toast? Have some beans. Leftover pizza? Have some beans. Beans? HAVE SOME BEANS.


2. Cadbury Oreo Bars


Is it chocolate? Is it Oreo? Does it even matter? No. Will I eat the entire thing in 45 seconds and then wonder where it went? Yes.


3. Crumpets


I’m not sure which I love more, eating crumpets slathered in butter or just feeling like I’m fancy for eating crumpets.


4. Chip butty


French fries (aka chips) in between two pieces of white bread, likely smothered in butter and/or ketchup. And yet somehow America is seen as the one eating it’s way to a heart attack. OKAY, DOUBLE STANDARDS.


5. Bacon butty


Similar concept to a chip butty, except with bacon. There are no other fillings. Just bacon upon bacon. Upon bacon


6. Yorkshire puddings


Yorkshire puddings are baked batter covered in gravy. The nutritional value is zero, but the taste value is high. It’s part of a traditional “Sunday roast,” which is a Thanksgiving-like meal that many people have every Sunday. I like to think that Americans Thanksgiving was born out of the pilgrims wanting to bring over traditions from the old land but realizing they needed to watch their waistlines.