7 Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

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Are you a travel blogger? Do you know a travel blogger? Are you wondering what the best Facebook groups are for travel bloggers to grow their following and get their posts out to the masses (and not just read by grandma)?

Perfect, then this post is for you!

My blog, Girl Gone London, is all about my adventures traveling the US and Europe. I also talk about my experiences living as an expat in the UK and the one time I got on a flight that got diverted to Bermuda, of all places.

Over the years, I’ve found that the best method for long-term growth is SEO. I have quite a few ranking pages that bring in traffic while I’m sleeping, which is the best thing you could ask for!

But what about short-term growth? What do you do while you’re waiting on those results, but still need some encouragement from the blogging fam?

Well, you should probably get yourself into a Facebook group with likeminded people! Here are 7 of the best Facebook groups for travel bloggers to share their posts and find some support:

1. Explode Your Blog Traffic 

Explode Your Blog Traffic is my Facebook group, filled with plenty of supportive bloggers ready to welcome you in and share our successes (and struggles, this is real life here). There are challenges each week, as well as Facebook Lives and tips and tricks I’ve used to increase my blog traffic.

There’s also a chance for regular giveaways of my services, so don’t miss out!

The group is closed so that everybody and their mother doesn’t see what you’re posting in it, but if you request to join, I’ll add you the next time I’m on Facebook, which is practically all of the time.

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2. Boss Girl Bloggers

The Boss Girl Bloggers are another super supportive group where you can always get tons of great advice. There are regular share threads, as well as the opportunity to ask questions. Be sure to check out the rules in advance to avoid sharing post links when not allowed.

3. Romantic Explorers

If your knack is finding romantic spots in every city, Romantic Explorers is the place for you. Whether you’re in a relationship or just in love with travel and finding the most dreamy destinations, share your travels with the group and get inspiration for your next date!

4. Female Travel Bloggers

The Female Travel Bloggers are one of my go-to groups when I need advice FAST. The group is active, not just within Facebook but also as a hashtag on social media.

5. Boost Your Blog

Boost Your Blog is another group filled with sharing threads and plenty of people wanting to engage and give your content a “like.”

6. Official UK Bloggers

I put UK Official Bloggers because that’s where I currently live, BUT this is more to show that you should join your own local blogging group, whether that’s the country or city you live in!

Sometimes, larger groups can attract people from all around the world, which is fabulous when you want to share, but not as helpful when you need to ask questions specific to one country’s laws or destinations.

7. Next Level Travel Bloggers

Another group just for travel bloggers, Next Level travel bloggers has a healthy participation and enough bloggers to keep it interesting without your post getting lost the second you put it up.

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Hi! This is great information and I will be joining some of these groups asap. Thanks for the info!


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