Are you a college or study abroad program? Let’s work together!

After studying abroad in London three times as an undergraduate and again to complete my Master’s degree, I’m a wealth of knowledge on all things international education (not to mention I still live in London as an American expat).

This knowledge of studying abroad in London is useless to most people (sorry, Aunt Martha, I’ll stop boring you with my visa talk now), but it could be just what your study abroad students and faculty are looking for.

Talks and lectures (the good kind)

I’m available to give talks to your students in London about anything and everything, including how to leverage their study abroad experience into a job like I have, or how to come back to the UK to live and work or study further after their program ends. I can also Skype into your office or provide help and advice to students over e-mail if they have question about life in London before they head off.

“Studying Abroad in London: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Most of Your Semester”

I’ve written a comprehensive eBook, updated annually, with tons of practical information on studying abroad in the city. It’s available at this link, or by clicking the book below.


For colleges that may want to distribute this to their students, I can work with you to tailor the book to your specific students and program, as well as provide a pricing structure that allows you to buy the rights to provide the book to your students each year at a highly discounted rate.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at if we can work together in any way. The vast majority of information on this site is always free, of course, and I’d be thrilled if you shared it with your students. I accept guest posts from students year-round on their own experiences in London, so feel free to send them my way!