Psychic Monkey Cookie Delivery

There are few things in life more satisfying than a plate of cookies with your name on them (literally or figuratively). One of the only things, actually, is probably a delivery of fresh cookies straight to your door.

So, THANK YOU Psychic Monkey for making this girl’s dream a reality.

The other week, Psychic Monkey reached out wondering if I wanted some Ken & Jesse’s cookies delivered to me at work? Um, yes please.

Ken & Jesse’s is one of the first cookie brands to be delivered by Psychic Monkeys. The cookies are made fresh, and then delivered straight away to your London location.

They arrived, hand-delivered, still fairly warm. If I had wanted them piping hot, I would have heated them up again, but you can tell they’re freshly made.

They come in a bag, neatly packaged with no breakages (impressive for being whisked through London). This made it super easy to take in the delivery and prop it up on the bookshelf so everyone one else in the building was jealous.

It also made it easy to transport home, where I shared them with my boyfriend begrudgingly lovingly.

I had a few different flavors, including chocolate, chocolate chip, and white chocolate chip. There were also cookie balls, which had a gooey inside and a solid outside and were definitely up there in the rankings.


If you want to try for yourself and you’re in the London area, use code “GIRLGONECOOKIES”  for 50% off any order over 12 pounds.  You are WELCOME, people!

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