This week, I’m away in Copenhagen until Wednesday! I’ve always wanted to visit, and I am sure that future-me (or current-me when you read this) is having a great time and taking thousands of pictures of the same shot over and over because JUST ONE MORE AND IT WILL BE PERFECT AND I’LL BE IN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, I PROMISE. 

While I’m gone, I thought it would be a good chance to say ‘Thanks for reading,’ if you’ve taken the time to check out the blog in the last two months. The internet gets a bad reputation for being a place for random weirdos to get together, but I’ve found the opposite. The people I’ve ‘met’ and bloggers I’ve joined up with since starting Girl Gone London have been nothing but welcoming to this corner of the universe, and I’ve really enjoyed all of it.

Though, I guess if everyone else is normal, maybe this means I’m the weirdo?

In any case, I’m looking to start expanding the blog when I get back and I have a few questions and a request.


Firstly, what would you like to see on the blog going forward? Starting a blog is always terrifying because you’re not sure if what you want to write is also what people would like to read. Are there any types of posts that you’ve enjoyed the past few months? Any posts that have missed the mark a little? What kinds of questions do you have about studying in London, living in the UK, or expat life that you don’t have the answers for yet that I can help out with?

On that note, I’m working on becoming more active on social media. You can find me at (girlgonelondon was already taken, such a travesty). You can also find me on Both are in the sidebar. I’d love for you to join me there as well if you’re interested.

I will promise not to spam your feed, but I won’t promise to be more exciting than your grandma who posts pictures of her cats dressed up like trolls. Deal?