One of the things I like to eat most, which is probably shared by most of you, is raw cookie dough. There’s something about a cookie-not-cooked-yet that tastes amazing and kind of makes you feel like you’re being a little bit of a rebel because of the raw eggs that may or may not take you down with them.

My mom used to buy buckets of cookie dough (meant for baking) that would never actually make it to the oven because we’d have eaten it all raw by the time we got around to wanting to turn them into cookies.

Luckily, there’s a new brand out that is making it super easy to indulge in cookie dough without worrying.

My Cookie Dough is spreading across the UK and opening up kiosks internationally and I am HERE FOR IT.

The London location is at Westfields Stratford, so easy to find once you step out of the tube station. They do a wide variety of flavors and types of snack, including the standard cookie dough, cookie dough shakes, cookie dough stacks, and more.

My cookie dough tasting friend and I started with the Oreo cookie dough and the Biscoff cookie dough. They were both amazing, and it was agreed that the ice cream was also really good.

The portions are huge, and we were starting to have trouble making it to the end of the richness, when out came the “Movie Night” stack – two slabs of cookie dough, ice cream, and plenty of other treats including pretzels, popcorn and M & Ms.

It was incredible and would highly recommend to anyone stopping by! We couldn’t eat it all, so they packaged it up (between two boxes) and sent it home with me. Guy enjoyed it for the next 3 nights for dessert!

To follow more of My Cookie Dough and see where they might be opening soon, follow them on social media (they’re super active – if you want loads of cookie dough in your feed, you are welcome).

We were provided the cookie dough in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.